10 reasons why you should choose where you want not what you want this Christmas

By: Virgin Atlantic

October 15, 2017

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Ah Christmas, we know all too well that feeling of opening a less than ideal present from a loved one. But you know what’s a better feeling? That holiday one … and the best way to do it? Have your friends and family pay for it of course!

Check out these 10 fabulous reasons why you should get where you want for Christmas this year!

No more fake smiles….
You know when Aunty Jenny gives you that self-help book you’ve never wanted and you have to paste on that fake smile? Yeh, avoid the gift-face by asking for a flight!


You can’t argue with the facts!
It’s scientifically proven – material possessions don’t equal happiness and experiences are much more fulfilling than things. Bonus: you don’t have to find a place to store experiences except in your heart, memory and, of course, on Instagram

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New York! New York!
The world’s your oyster if you get your friends and family to contribute to a flight this year. New York, New York?  Vegas baby? Jammin’ in Jamaica? The choice is yours!

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Sit back and relax….
After the stress of Christmas, sit back and relax on your 8 hour flight. Nothing to do but eat, sleep, drink. Repeat.

Avoid the clichés…
Say goodbye to unwrapping those Christmas present clichés! No more Christmas jumpers, novelty socks or gift set of smellies for you this year!

The films you really want to watch….
Stop your family wasting money on DVDs when you don’t even have a DVD player and your viewing habits center solely around Netflix. Bonus: All the latest films are onboard so you can tick them off your “must see” list.


Veto that voucher…
You haven’t shopped there since March 2008 but you get the same gift voucher EVERY. YEAR. You’ll end up using it to buy somebody else a gift and be left with £1.57 you can never spend.

Christmas present

Set it up just in time for the sale!
There’s always a seat sale on in January just in time for you to spend your Christmas presents! Dubai, San Fran or Orlando anyone?

Golden Gate Bridge

Rack up those brownie points….
If those aforementioned novelty socks that you bought your partner didn’t go down too well, then you can always take them with you on your trip! With flight contributions from your nearest and dearest, you’ll have extra pennies to make it a trip for two. Everyone wins!

Couple on holiday

The gift that keeps on giving
Ask yourself… how long did the excitement last when you opened the latest gadget, book, designer handbag? Stuff gets old, but experiences and memories will only grow sweeter with time – rather than grow tired and out of fashion in a heartbeat.

Adventure beckons cup

So what are you waiting for?! Whether it’s Los Angeles, Barbados, NYC or Orlando, Virgin Atlantic will get you where you want for Christmas this year. And get you there in style.

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