2018 Oscars round up with our CEO Craig Kreeger

By: Virgin Atlantic

March 3, 2018


The 90th Academy Awards are almost upon us, and everyone is talking about the movies. As an airline, we’re obsessed with the silver screen and pride ourselves on having the best onboard movies for our customers to enjoy, from the latest Oscar-nominated blockbusters to under-the-radar indie films.

One person who definitely shares that obsession is our CEO and resident film buff Craig Kreeger. Every year Craig and his wife Becky set themselves the challenge of watching all the Best Picture nominated films ahead of the big night, so in the lead-up to this weekend’s Oscars ceremony we asked him to become our Ruby Blog film critic for the day and share his insights into this year’s nominees.

Why do you do this?

We started trying to do this each January for two reasons. First, to get us out of the house together while doing something enjoyable. And second, to get us to see films (good films) that might be out of our normal range of genres. It has become a really fun thing for Becky and I.

Which movies have you seen this year?

For the first time since we started this a few years ago we actually have seen all 9 Best Picture nominees; The Shape of Water, Three Billboards, Dunkirk, Darkest Hour, Ladybird, Call Me By Your Name, Phantom Thread, Get Out, The Post.

Overall, how does 2018 stack up as a year of movie greats?

I think our favourite year was 2015, where Spotlight won and we really loved The Big Short, Room and Brooklyn.  This year is not far behind, though until last weekend I wouldn’t have said that.  The last two we saw turned out to be two of our four favourites, The Shape of Water and Ladybird (along with Three Billboards and Darkest Hour).

You must spend plenty of time flying. Why don’t you watch them onboard?

I do watch films on board occasionally, but more often I am either up and about chatting with our teams or sleeping. Equally, Becky and I enjoy the date night element of our January/February tradition.

If you could recommend just one movie to our customers and people which one would it be and why?

I loved four of this year’s movies as mentioned above, but I would specifically call out the one that both Becky and I picked as our favourite (first time we have actually agreed), and that is The Shape Of Water. It is beautiful and uplifting. I think the other movie that I would particularly recommend is Get Out, for its combination of humour, horror, irony and creativity.

Do you cry at the movies and which one made you the teariest?

I cry at movies all the time, pretty much any Disney movie for example. My daughter gets endless amusement at this. Among this year’s movies, the one that had me the most teary was Call Me By Your Name. It was a little slow moving so didn’t make our Top 5 list, but it is courageous and poignant beyond the others.

Which moment inspired you the most?

The moment that inspired me the most was probably the Churchill speech in the House of Commons, from Darkest Hour, which is as great an example of leadership in action as I could imagine.

Which one surprised you and why?

Get Out is the movie that I found most surprising and was deeply thought-provoking.

The funniest bit?

While I don’t think there were many memorable laugh out loud moments in these movies, both Ladybird and Get Out had many low-level chuckles.

Do you have a favourite movie of all time?

My favourite movie of all time is, without doubt, The Princess Bride, directed by Rob Reiner. I would be embarrassed to admit how many times I have watched it.

Craig and Beckie

When not watching movies Craig and Becky also enjoy supporting our chosen charity Seen here after completing a Crawley to Paris cycle. Craig will be speaking at WE day London on Wednesday 7 March.

With blockbuster movies, the hottest TV shows, a huge library of music and a selection of games at your fingertips, you’ll be spoilt for choice onboard your next Virgin Atlantic flight.

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