Aberdeen on Film

By: Katie Manning

January 10, 2013

Aberdeen might not spring lightly to mind as the most photogenic city on earth, but we’ve found it a surprisingly exciting place to be. We’ve rounded up a few videos that prove just that, so check out these, some of our favourite Aberdeen videos.

“Aberdeen Parade Timelapse” by Adam Proctor

Christmas is a beautifully festive time of year in Aberdeen and we love this wonderful time lapse video, which captures the city’s bustling streets during the Christmas parade, complete with carolling children, excited onlookers and, of course, bagpipers.

“Aberdeen, Scotland” by Massan

Videographer Massan brings us along on his stay in Scotland in 2011 through this photo montage, with some fabulous scenes of the city and a beautiful, Celtic soundtrack.

“Ben Travis // Aberdeen Trials” by Stuz Leel

Aberdeen local Ben Travis shows off his trial BMX skills in this video, shot around the city. We particularly love Ben’s artful skills and the scenes of him riding along the Aberdeen coast.

“Surprise yourself in Aberdeen” by Michal Koziatek

We absolutely adore Michal Koziatek’s video, which he made to show the true beauty of Abderen. We think he succeeded and we especially like the shots of dolphins, which it took more than an hour to capture.

Aberdeen by Andrey Netovanniy

Andrey Netovanniy takes us along on a tour of Aberdeen and surrounds, from castles to forests and the beautiful coastline. We particularly love the Charlatans soundtrack.


Katie Manning

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