Adrenalin Island: St Lucia and Extreme Sports

By: Katie Manning

January 17, 2013

St Lucia’s palm-fringed shoreline and stunning golden grains are no secret amongst beach aficionados, especially those in search of year-round sunshine. But as beautiful as the island’s beaches may be, there’s a whole lot more to discover sitting just a few short metres away behind the sand. St Lucia boasts some of the most awe-inspiring natural scenery in all of the Caribbean, not to mention some of the most mountainous terrain. And with all this on offer, it does seem a shame to spend the entire time tanning…

Gros Piton in St. Lucia
Gros Piton in St. Lucia, © Sam Strickler. Image used under license from

The ideal adventure playground for intrepid traveller types, the core of the island is covered in dense rainforest and peppered with soaring peaks and the occasional free-flowing waterfall. With a unwavering commitment to conservation, St Lucia has some pretty strict rules when it comes to exploring it’s protected National Rain Forests but they are still easily assessable when accompanied by an expert guide. There are plenty of hikes and trails on offer across the island’s 19,000 acres of dense forest just waiting to be explored and a wealth of wildlife to spot on route.

View over the rainforest, St Lucia
Misty rainforest view © Jason Patrick. Image used under licese from

Experienced climbers are sure to be seduced by St Lucia’s towering twin peaks The Pitons, which stand at around 2,000 feet, or even by the island’s tallest mountain Mount Gimie – which boasts incredible views from 3,117 feet – whilst less adventurous types may be content to breathe it all in from the forest floor. For a fantastic view of the Pitons, it’s also worth arranging a boat trip around St Lucia’s coastline, which would be a wonderful opportunity to do some snorkelling too.

St LuciaOut at sea in St Lucia © Lucia Pitter. Image used under licese from

Another must-see St Lucia spot is the atmospheric, though admittedly smelly, Sulphur Springs. Shrouded in mystery and local legend, this now dormant volcano and its bubbling pools of boiling water are a world away from the paradisiacal beach scenes over on the island’s shores. Make sure to stop off just beneath the springs to bathe in the mineral-rich mud – which according to island folklore has strong anti-ageing properties. Well, it’s worth a try anyway.

Katie Manning

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