Adventures Beyond Hong Kong: Breathtaking Li River Photos

By: Chantelle Symester

August 5, 2014

One of China’s most dramatic areas of natural beauty, it’s no surprise that the winding Li River attracts thousands of visitors to its tranquil shores every year. The panoramic views from the water are a photographer’s dream, encompassing hills, caves and lush green fields as well as the quaint farming villages that litter the shoreline. There’s no better way see the fascinating sights that run from Guilin to Yangshuo than from the water, and river cruises are a great way to discover for yourself whether what you’ve seen in the guidebooks is indeed true.

See our stunning Li River photos below and discover one of the most beautiful natural sights a short trip away from Hong Kong.

Elephant Trunk Hill | Breathtaking Li River Photos

The famous Elephant Trunk Hill © jejim/iStock/Thinkstock

Located on the western bank of Li River. The shape of the hill is said to resemble a gigantic elephant drinking water from the river with its trunk, hence the name.

Fisherman on Li river | Breathtaking Li River Photos

Fisherman on the river © shunjian123/iStock/Thinkstock

Watch the domesticated cormorant birds, first used over 400 years ago by local fishermen in this way because of their excellent natural fishing abilities.

View from the bridge | Breathtaking Li River Photos

Take in the lush scenic views in every direction © Marc Veraart/Flickr

View the jagged hills that jut out from the shoreline and frame the river. A spectacular and dramatic sight at sunrise or sunset.

Morning glow across the hills and river | Breathtaking Li River Photos

Morning glow over the Li River and hills © luxiangjian4711/iStock/Thinkstock 

Lijiang sunrise | Breathtaking Li River Photos

Lijiang Sunrise © shunjian123/iStock/Thinkstock

Take a trip to Seven Stars Park, the largest comprehensive park in the region, which engulfs many of Gulin city’s beautiful natural wonders, including verdant forest, deep caves and an abundance of wildlife.

Guillin China Seven Star Park and Karst rocks | Breathtaking Li River Photos

Guilin China Seven Stars Park and Karst rocks Yangshuo © weltreisendertj/iStock/Thinkstock

Header image: Sailing on the Li River © shunjian123/iStock/Thinkstock

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Written by Chantelle Symester


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