An Iowa Landscape Gallery

By: Chantelle Symester

October 2, 2014

Famous for its breathtaking natural scenery, the Iowa landscape is as vast as it is varied. The Hawkeye State, as its inhabitants fondly refer to it, is teaming with national parks, vast farmlands and rare flora and fauna, making it the perfect place to shake off the bonds of city life and get out into the great outdoors. Just a short ride out of Des Moines, and you’ll be immersed in the natural wonders of Iowa.
An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Red sky over Midwest cornfieldStunning red skies over a Midwest cornfield © Larry Lindell/iStock/Thinkstock

Agriculture and agritourism is a fundamental part of Iowa’s DNA – it’s not called the breadbasket of the world for nothing. Take the opportunity to visit a working dairy farm or the Henry A. Wallace Country Life Center while you’re in town and gain a newfound respect for Mother Nature.

An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Roaming Buffalo
Roaming Buffalo © Richard C. Hager/USFWS/Flickr
An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Old School House
An old abandoned school house in Iowa © Michael Rowlands/iStock/Thinkstock

Iowa is home to a diverse array of wildlife, from the rare and endangered Blackbuck antelope to the delicate fluttering of the Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly.

An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Blackbucks on a foggy morning
Blackbucks on a foggy morning © Ram0208/iStock/Thinkstock
An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Pelicans on Gravel Bar
Pelicans on gravel bar in Mississippi River, near Keokuk, Iowa © Rick Hansen/USFWS/Flickr

Iowa’s Great Lakes, a group of glacial lakes in the northwest of the state, offer scenic views and scores of wildlife, making them a favourite among holidaymakers and fishermen alike.

An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Lake Okoboji
Lake Okoboji at sunrise © dosecreative/iStock/Thinkstock
An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Ledges state park
Ledges State Park, Iowa © Carl Wycoff/Flickr

Whether you choose to hike the cliffs and trails, canoe across the rivers or take a dip in the lakes, Iowa’s state parks are a nature lover’s dream.

An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Pikes Peak state park
Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa © U.S Dept of Agriculture/Flickr
An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Mississippi River at Pikes Peaks
Mississippi River at Pikes Peak State Park © Yinan Chen/Flickr

Lake Red Rock is a prominent part of the Iowa landscape and has long been a favourite for boating and fishing. This is also popular spot for campers keen to explore the 13-mile Volksweg Trail that passes restored prairies, pine plantations and, of course, the striking setting of the lake itself.

An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Lake Red Rock
Lake Red Rock © Aaron McIntyre/Flickr
An Iowa Landscape Gallery | Lake Red Rock
Lake Red Rock © Slappytheseal/Flickr

Header Image © Carl Wycoff/Flickr

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Have you explored the Iowa landscape? What did you make of the natural wonders of the Hawkeye State? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Chantelle Symester


Chantelle Symester

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