About Claire Bullen

Claire is a born globetrotter: before relocating to London, she spent time in New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. When she's not in pursuit of the next exciting meal, she can be found haunting indie bookstores and sketching outdoors. Follow Claire @ClaireMBullen

A Magical London Christmas

***Updated for 2017*** The setting for A Christmas Carol, original home to Christmas crackers, and the place where Christmas cards were first debuted – there’s no wonder London is a superbly celebratory city come December. You’ll find a huge range of festive entertainment, performances, and … Continue reading

Eight great taprooms and microbrewe​ries in Chicago

The birthplace of the craft beer revolution back in the 1980s, the US is now home to over 4,000 breweries – with more opening every week. Chicago isn’t unique, then, in its ardent suds appreciation. But even against such a craft beer-loving landscape, the Windy … Continue reading

10 festive winter cocktails in New York

First, a disclaimer: we thoroughly encourage the enjoyment of cocktails all year round. But there’s something about the arrival of winter that makes rewarding yourself with a tipple even more inviting than usual. That’s why we’ve selected 10 of our favourite cosy, warming, and seasonally … Continue reading

Sledding in Boston: 10 of the best snowy slopes

Boston is not a city to do winter by halves. Just look at this past year for evidence: thanks to a quick succession of truly historic blizzards, the city smashed its all-time seasonal snow fall record, clocking in a total of 110.6 inches (or 280.9 … Continue reading

10 unmissable markets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is something of a shopper’s paradise”¦but not only for its high-end boutiques and many sprawling shopping malls. What truly makes the retail therapy in this city stand out? It’s all about the market scene. Whether you’re shopping for bamboo steamers or vintage cameras, … Continue reading

10 of the best sour beer breweries in Colorado

In today’s craft beer scene, nothing is trendier than sour. Having dethroned super-hopped IPAs as the brews of the moment, sour beers may sound bizarre to the uninitiated, but these beguiling, complex, and palate-challenging pours also tend to make quick converts. If you’re looking to … Continue reading