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Award winning travel writer, photographer and broadcaster Crai S Bower contributes scores of articles annually to more than 25 publications and online outlets including National Geographic Traveler, Journey, American Way magazines and T+L Digital. www.FlowingStreamWriting.net www.Twitter.com/craisbower

The best artisan bakeries in Seattle

Portland has its craft beer, and Vancouver its culinary scene. But while Seattle also offers plenty of breweries and trendy restaurants, the Emerald City is unique in its abundance of artisan bakeries. Spread like butter across almost every neighbourhood, one can’t really miss them. Here … Continue reading

Beyond Portland: Things to do in Cannon Beach

With 232 miles populated by more than 50 state parks, recreation and scenic areas, there’s no place quite like the Oregon Coast. Located about 90 minutes from Portland, Cannon Beach feels more like Northern California than Washington, and is popular with locals and visitors alike. … Continue reading

On business in Portland

The green accolades Portland amasses annually could fill a recycling centre. A first time business visitor might assume all this green focus means higher visitor costs, but MAX, the World-Class transit system, alternative meeting spaces, and an absence of state sales tax combine to keep … Continue reading

10 things to do this spring in Montréal

Montréal’s outdoor culture fills parks, gardens and farmers markets the moment the temperature ascends above freezing. Even the ubiquitous BIXI bike share stations appear well before the year’s last flurry. Here’s a snowdrift worth of activities and amenities to see in Montréal this spring. Spring … Continue reading

The best neighbourhood restaurants in Seattle

Seattle is comprised of neighbourhood villages, each touting boutiques, farmers’ markets and, most recently, many of the city’s best restaurants. One doesn’t have to venture out of downtown to discover excellent local flavours, but these neighbourhood restaurants in Seattle are worth the ride.   Cantinetta, … Continue reading

Winter in Quebec: Montreal’s top day trips

Montréalers embrace their bucolic ventures into winter (do they really have a choice?), turning forested paths into skating trails, hauling inner tubes up hills and locating spas wherever they can. Here are some of our favourite destinations, all less than 90-minutes away from Montréal, to … Continue reading