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Elizabeth Gourd suffers from an acute case of the wanderlust, which no amount of travelling or adventure can cure. She has lived in London, New York, and Berlin; experimented with nomadism in North America, and climbed to the freezing heights of Kilimanjaro on a whim. Future travel plans include getting lost in South Africa, keeping a menagerie in Europe, and finding herself in India before she is old.

Florida: The Best Golf Courses in Palm Beach

  In that imperative, time-honoured question to golf or not to golf, the answer is always, invariably, to golf. With five superlative courses within Palm Beach proper, and many more besides, the ever-exclusive golfing greens of Palm Beach are a honeypot for celebrities and millionaires … Continue reading
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Glamping in India: The Best Luxury Tented Camps

Rajasthan isn’t known as the land of kings for nothing: golden deserts stretch out into rolling hills of ruby-coloured earth, scattered with the barren glory of ancient ruins. What better way to explore this majestic landscape than to spend a night glamping in India, sleeping … Continue reading

A Bargain Hunter’s Guide to Shopping in Mumbai

For the seasoned shopaholic, there’s nothing more exhilarating than bargain hunting in the sprawling, cosmopolitan city of Mumbai. Whether you’re in the market for designer discounts or shabby antique gems, the Hindi expression, sab kuch milega – “˜you will get everything’ – rings true: Mumbai … Continue reading

The Most Luxurious Palace Hotels in India

The palace hotels in India are exactly what they proclaim. Boasting a rich cultural heritage of princes, maharajas, and ornate architectural styles, these decadent sprawling palaces preserve the legacy of a bygone era. Inevitably, some of these majestic seats and imperial residences have fallen into disrepair; … Continue reading

Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo: An Architectural Tour

A tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stunning Buffalo buildings does not only exhibit some of the best works of America’s most renowned architect, but also the history of his friendship with Darwin Martin, a self-made millionaire and Larkin Soap Company executive who supported Wright financially … Continue reading

Summer at the Lake: Things to do on Lake Erie

  As the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes in North America, Lake Erie is impressive. Wrapping around from New York to Pennsylvania, Ohio to Michigan, and Southern Ontario, there’s almost no end to the incredible number of things to do on Lake Erie … Continue reading

Buffalo 2.0: A Beginner’s Guide to Buffalo

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Settled by the French in 1758, Buffalo is an old working-class metropolis that bears the battle scars of a rich and tumultuous history. It prospered during the glory days of the industrial revolution, and was … Continue reading