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Driven by his need to know what's around the next turn, Jason Frye became a travel and food writer. He is the author of two travel guides - Moon North Carolina Handbook (2014) and Moon North Carolina Coast Handbook (2014) - and is a food blogger, columnist, and frequent contributor to publications across the Southeastern United States. He lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, with his wife, Lauren.

Gaurav Patel’s guide to dining in Raleigh-Durham

Ask for a dinner recommendation in Raleigh and, guaranteed, one of Gaurav Patel’s (otherwise known as, “G”) will be on the list. He’s no chef, but as the founder and President of Eschelon Experiences, he knows his way around a restaurant. Since founding Eschelon in … Continue reading
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Blues and Bluegrass in North Carolina

Somewhere in the mountains along the border between North Carolina and Virginia, bluegrass – that American musical genre personified by banjo, mandolin and fiddle – was born. This was 1948, but the sound of Bluegrass in North Carolina had evolved for nearly two centuries, resulting … Continue reading
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Bennett Place: Durham and the American Civil War

When the first Confederate cannon were fired on South Carolina’s Fort Sumpter in 1861, the American Civil War had begun. The war would rage until 1865, claiming 620,000 lives and seeing President Abraham Lincoln assassinated by a Confederate sympathiser.   While the history books tell … Continue reading

Mystery and Moonshine in North Carolina

Tell people you’re going to North Carolina and many of them will picture pristine beaches or mountains filled with colourful fall foliage. Others will conjure up images of jars of illegal moonshine marked “XXX” and stills manned by grizzled men in old-fashioned hats. All of that’s … Continue reading

Seth Gross: Durham’s Locally Sourced Chef

A new restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, is turning up the heat on pizza pies by taking a fine-dining approach to this oft-believed-to-be-anything-but cuisine. Pompieri Pizza, under the guidance of Chef-Owner Seth Gross, make everything they use on their pizzas in-house, using locally sourced ingredients … Continue reading