About Jyl Benson

A native of New Orleans, Jyl Benson has over two decades of experience as a journalist, editor, and writer, with a concentration in southern American culture, cuisine, and heritage.

The Ultimate New Orleans Festival Guide

  With its world famous cuisine, diverse population and rich musical heritage, New Orleanians have plenty to celebrate. The New Orleans social calendar is fit-to-bursting with arts, food, LGBT, literary, film, multicultural, music, and theatre events, that keep the city entertained all year-round. Take a … Continue reading

The Swamps of Louisiana: Beyond New Orleans

The swamps of Louisiana – the region’s majestic forested wetlands – are the only of their kind in the world and are considered to be among America’s last great frontiers. New Orleans is a city surrounded by swampland, virtually making it a low-lying island, the … Continue reading

A New Orleans Dictionary

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning tome A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole masterfully captured New Orleans’ pervasive colloquial vernacular and unique lingual customs. Confederacy should be required reading for anyone considering a visit to the city that gives new meaning to butchering the English language … Continue reading

New Orleans Culture: A Guide to Magazine Street

   Named after a gunpowder magazine (warehouse) that was built at the western end of the street in the late eighteenth century, the lower part of Magazine Street was initially used as a storage area for commercial and industrial goods.   Magazine Street stretches from … Continue reading

Discover New Orleans: A Beginner’s NOLA Guide

New Orleans’ mysterious culture was created by the amalgamation of nearly a century of rule that regularly shifted from French to Spanish, tempered by large influxes of persons of Anglo-Saxon, Italian, German, Irish and African descent. Discover New Orleans and its European heritage – immediately … Continue reading

Seafood Gumbo: Creole Restaurants in New Orleans

  Creole cuisine, developed mostly by the French and Spanish colonialists, remains New Orleans‘ most definitive culinary genre. There is a wealth of creole restaurants in New Orleans serving up incredible food – many of which are run by talented young chefs who were either … Continue reading