About Katie McElveen

Travel writer Katie McElveen’s love of exploration began when she was 17 and driving from her home in Maryland to South Carolina for a family vacation. A wrong turn put her in unfamiliar territory and an overheated engine extended her stay longer than she’d planned, but the adventure left her wondering what was around every turn. Katie has shared her discoveries through her work in magazines such as Real Simple, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Southern Living, Modern Bride, Tennis and Business Traveler.

Beyond Charleston: Why you should visit Beaufort

Graceful and historic, South Carolina‘s second-oldest city is set on a coastal isle and surrounded by a backdrop of tidal creeks, old rice plantations and some of the state’s most dramatic moss-draped oak trees, which keep their leaves all winter. Old Sheldon Church © susieq3c/Flickr … Continue reading

Charleston’s Best Jazz Bars

Jazz may not have been born in Charleston, but there’s no denying the lowcountry’s impact on the genre. Today, jazz is celebrated throughout Charleston. We’ve selected a few of Charleston’s best jazz bars to give you a flavour of this city’s infectious music scene.   … Continue reading

Things to do in Charleston: Historic Plantation Homes

You could spend days in Charleston ogling the city’s sites, but that’s only half of the story. Scattered along winding rivers just outside of town, where the live oak trees are so massive that roadways are transformed into sun-dappled tunnels, Charleston’s historic plantations offer a … Continue reading