About Mark Shallcross

Mark V. Shallcross is a free-lance writer living in Louisville, Kentucky. A graduate of the University of Louisville, Mark is a tenth-generation Kentuckian who has worked as a reporter for The Courier-Journal, Voice-Tribune and Jeffersonville (Indiana) Evening News newspapers. He worked most recently as a communications manager, copywriter and media liaison for the Kentucky Derby Festival. He enjoys travel, reading and competitive running.

Exploring the Mammoth Cave System

It’s just a big hole in the ground, but you’ll likely need a reservation to get inside. About half a million people a year travel to south-central Kentucky to visit the Mammoth Cave System, which encompasses the longest cave system in the world, with more than … Continue reading

The Essential Kentucky Derby

Barbaro at Finish Line 2006 © Churchill Downs/Reed Palmer Photography     It only lasts two minutes, but for most people, it’s an experience that’s likely never to be forgotten. At 6:24 p.m. on Saturday 3rd May, as the horses break from the starting gate … Continue reading

Culinary Genius: Louisville’s Best Restaurants

While it may be true that too many cooks spoil the broth, sometimes too much of a good thing can be wonderful – at least according to the indomitable Mae West. Residents of Louisville, Kentucky, as well as an impressive collection of food critics and … Continue reading

The Gateway to the South: A Beginner’s Guide to Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky first became a stopover for travellers not for its beauty and tourist attractions, but because of necessity. In the late 18th century, settlers navigating the Ohio River by boat were forced to come ashore at the Falls of the Ohio, a series of … Continue reading