About Natalie Robinson

Born in London but now living amongst Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, Natalie’s a lawyer with a serious case of wanderlust. When she’s not negotiating contracts or filling up her passport with new stamps, she can be found writing or incessantly snapping away on her camera. Natalie contributes to several Hong Kong publications and also co-writes her own fashion and lifestyle blog, 3 Bad Mice [www.3badmice.com], with her two London-based sisters.

Hong Kong’s best restaurants

From slurping noodles at roadside cha chaan tengs to nibbling haute cuisine at fine dining establishments, if there’s one thing Hong Kong diners have in common, it’s that they’re serious about their food. You may think that feeding the rumbling stomachs of seven million foodies would … Continue reading

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

The glitter’s barely settled from 2016’s Chinese New Year celebrations here in Hong Kong, where we welcomed in the Year of the Monkey with dragon dancers leaping through the streets and excited calls of ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi’ richoceting around the red and gold festoooned … Continue reading

From Temples to Teepees: Six Unusual Places to Stay in Hong Kong

Like any major world city, Hong Kong is saturated with hotels by all the big name chains. But, look just beyond that well-known logo and you’ll find plenty of unusual places to stay in Hong Kong shimmering between the skyscrapers. When you’ve flown far, far from home, the … Continue reading

Hong Kong Uncovered: The Essential Kowloon Shopping Guide

In a city as frenzied and fast-paced as Hong Kong, it’s hard to escape the feeling that somewhere just around the corner, you’re missing out on something incredible. It was that niggling feeling that first inspired menswear designers, Ellis Kreuger and Alex Daye, to start … Continue reading