About Samantha Crespo

Samantha Crespo is a native of Florida, which she believes set her up to be a career tour guide. (It helps that she’s keen on playing tourist in her own town and beyond – Ensenada, Mexico, and Nafplio, Greece, are favourites – though she feels most at home in the American South.) Since 2005, Samantha has mixed pleasure with business as a travel writer and editor. She admits to squealing when assignments call her to listen to live music in her adopted hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, or to discover new campgrounds with her husband and daughter. Get her insider's perspective on exploring Memphis in her book, 100 Things To Do in Memphis Before You Die. samanthacrespo.com

On Business in Memphis

If your next business trip lands you in Memphis, Tennessee, follow this guide to make the most of your free time. From where to rest your head after a hard day’s graft to the best after-hours restaurants and watering holes, there’s plenty to see and … Continue reading

Inside the National Civil Rights Museum: African-American History in Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee, takes its name from an ancient city on the Nile. (Remember that when you notice the glinting pyramid-shaped building on the Mississippi River.) But the city’s connection to African culture runs deeper than any river. Memphis was the centre of the global cotton … Continue reading

Travelling the Mississippi by Steamboat

So, you want to see the Mississippi Steamboat. There’s a romance to it – that slow dance down the river; a grandeur – in the vessels, and the personalities they conjure (right, Mr. Twain?), and you get that added layer of musicality. Memphis also gives … Continue reading

Inside Memphis’ World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest

John T. Edge, director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, calls barbecue “America’s national folk food.” As such, you’ll encounter variations on – and multiple hubs for – barbecue across the South, though none as spectacular as Memphis in May.   Memphis in May is a … Continue reading