About Sarah Routh

Sarah Routh writes about food, travel, and entertainment. She’s written a cookbook, a children’s book and more restaurant reviews than she can count. Sarah grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and although her sixteen-year-old self would never believe it, she’s thrilled to be raising her three children there. When she’s not writing, eating, or shuffling children around, she’s busy exploring her hometown.

Cleveland Whiskey: Urban Distilleries

There’s the traditional way to make bourbon and then there’s the Cleveland way.   The traditional way (and that’s traditional as in centuries-old) goes something like this: ferment, distil and place in a charred, American oak barrel. And wait, and wait, and wait – anywhere … Continue reading

The Forest City: A Beginner’s Cleveland Guide

In July 1796, General Moses Cleaveland decided this spot where the Cuyahoga River meets Lake Erie was prime real estate. Today, Cleveland is more blue-collar than blueblood. Its industrial roots run deep; everything from streetcars to steel has been made in the Forest City. But … Continue reading