How To: Digitally Improve Your Travel Photos (Part 2)

In part one of this series, we looked at the basics of travel photography post-production. This time we’re going to explore RAW processing and simple post-production of JPEGs. It’s obviously a huge, complex topic but this is just a simple guide and introduction to how … Continue reading

How To: Digitally Improve Your Travel Photos (Part 1)

Post-production of digital images on a computer has something of a bad reputation. Many people think that it is time-consuming, difficult and somehow cheating. Yet post-production of images is an integral part of digital imaging. It can involve subtle changes or significant edits, but rather … Continue reading

How To: Photograph A Weekend City Break

Cities constantly engage and fascinate travellers, and even for most wilderness lovers, there will still be any number of exciting cities on the travel wish list. Yet they can be difficult places to photograph. Many people return from a supposedly relaxing city break with memories … Continue reading

How To: Master Sensitivity in Your Travel Photography

Mastering sensitivity is not a call to embrace your feminine side, rather to learn about one of the most powerful capabilities of your camera: variable ISOs. Sensitivity is essentially a measure of the amount of light needed to make a correct exposure. The greater the … Continue reading

How To: Shoot Long Exposure Photography

All photography is an abstraction; creating something that looks a bit like the real world, but changed by composition, lens choice and the photographic process. In most cases, the subject of the picture is pretty recognisable, but there are certain camera techniques that can render … Continue reading

How To: Photograph Beaches, Cliffs and Coastlines

Summer is coming, which for many of us means a good old-fashioned holiday, and although there’s a world of temples, deserts and mountains out there, many people just want some time on the beach. But does the quality of your photography have to suffer the moment you … Continue reading