About Tremayne Carew Pole

Founder and Publisher of Hg2 | A Hedonist's Guide To... (www.hg2.com), Tremayne never quite found his niche and tried everything from estate agency and headhunting to specialising in Richard & Judy and travelling extensively. He loves Africa (there is nowhere else on earth that makes you feel more alive - the red dirt, the expansive skies and the warmth of the sun), difficult places, interesting people, John Varvatos, strong coffee for breakfast and underground parties, but loathes queuing, insomnia and restaurants with photos on the menus. What makes him a hedonist? "A total disregard for my own wellbeing, an inexhaustible approach to nightlife, not knowing when to say no and being the last man standing."

An interview with Emelie Forsberg

Swedish sensation Emilie Forsberg is a world-class skyrunner, a ski mountaineer, and trail runner, with numerous world medals and record-breaking times under her belt. Not satisfied with simply breaking women’s records, she’s also smashed through the odd men’s record as well – namely for the … Continue reading

Henry Gilbey’s Favourite US Fishing Spots

Henry Gilbey is a television presenter, fishing writer and photographer who specialises in capturing the essence of sport fishing around the world for multiple magazines, books and tackle companies. When he’s not travelling the world for work, you will find him either out fishing, walking … Continue reading

In Search of the Fastest Flying Human: An Interview with Wingsuiter James Boole

One of the world’s most dangerous sports, wingsuiting brings new meaning to the term “extreme”. Strapped into an inflatable suit, divers launch themselves from incredible heights, inflating their life jackets at the last possible moment. Award winning wingsuiter, skydiver and BASE jumper, James Boole is … Continue reading

Herbert Nitsch: The Deepest Man On Earth

World record holder freediver, Herbert Nitsch is also called “the Deepest Man on Earth”. He received this prestigious title when he set the world record for freediving in the No Limit discipline at the incredible depth of 214 metres (702 feet) in 2007. He can hold his breath for … Continue reading
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The Internet of Things: The Top Global Travel Products

Fascinated by the world of ever-evolving tech developments, Oliver Girardet worked in media and later hospitality before joining forces with his current partners and creating Device, the East London e-commerce start up dedicated to discovering and curating app enabled technology. Passionate about new tech, global travel products, … Continue reading

Sebastien Montaz-Rosset: Capturing The Extremes

Sébastien Montaz-Rosset is an award-winning filmmaker based in the sublime setting of Chamonix, his work has seen him capture the gravity defying antics of some of the world’s most talented extreme sports athletes, including recently recording his friend and extreme sports star Kilian Jornet’s record breaking … Continue reading

Shangri-La at the Shard: The Highest Hotel in Western Europe

  Everyone should try and spend a night at the Shangri-La at the Shard, not because of the service, atmosphere or food, which are all excellent, but because it is unlike any hotel you will ever stay in. The Shangri-La is positioned between the 35th … Continue reading