Bank holiday Brits could fly to New York in the same time they spend on the road

By: Dave Gunner

May 24, 2018

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Road analysis data predicts that our bank holiday ‘Great Getaway’ dreams could be in jeopardy, with many hopeful travellers stuck admiring the view of the bumper ahead of them instead of classic holiday sights.

We’ve talked to leading transportation analytics company INRIX, and used historical road traffic data to predict just how much time Brits are likely to spend on the road this bank holiday in search of adventure. The bank holiday inspires memories of long weekends outside and countless ice creams, but with journeys of under 100 miles from London taking up to sixty-nine percent longer to reach, why not trade your motorway adventure for the adventure of a lifetime and visit New York instead?

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Beach getaways are not the only victim of travel disruption this bank holiday, with historical hotspots such as Edinburgh taking up to thirteen hours to reach by road from London, meaning culture vultures could be left soaking up nothing more than motorway scenery. So if it’s culture that you’re after, then why not swap a cramped day-long car trip to the Scottish capital for a cool flight in under eight hours to New York, and find yourself immersed in the Guggenheim or strolling through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fly in style with Virgin Atlantic this bank holiday and you can trade your warm water bottle for a glass of wine, your windscreen for your seatback TV and your motorway snacks for your inflight meal as you take-off to the city that never sleeps.

“Many of us are willing to spend countless hours travelling around the UK over the bank holiday, but very few think about the possible destinations we could reach in the same time”. said our Chief Commercial Officer, Shai Weiss.With Virgin Atlantic flights to New York taking as little as 7 hours and 45 minutes, and with a three-course meal and hours of movies included you can relax on your journey as well as enjoying a holiday of a lifetime over your bank holiday.”

Think your journey of choice is safe? Virgin Atlantic in collaboration with INRIX reveals what spending the same time to travel a few thousand more miles could bring you:

Blackpool, journey time: 6 hours and 41 minutes
Save your loved ones from yet another year of crushed sticks of rock, and bring them back something from the glitzy streets of Manhattan

Glasgow, journey time: 9 hours and 16 minutes
Not ready to trial the Scottish delicacy of haggis yet? Enjoy eighteen (!) types of New York bagels from Zucker’s Bagels instead.

Yorkshire Dales, journey time: 6 hours and 46 minutes
Want to actually see some greenery as opposed to the dulcet grey of the motorway; why not take a stroll around Central Park instead?

Lake District, journey time: 7 hours and 59 minutes
If it’s a view point you’re after, then swap eight hours on the road for eight hours in the sky for the unforgettable view from the Empire State Building

Loch Ness, journey time: 12 hours and 28 minutes
Instead of hunting down the Loch Ness Monster, spend your time exploring New York’s five incredible boroughs to explore art in Brooklyn, discover global food in Queens, and the New York Yankees in the Bronx

If you are going to spend a day travelling this bank holiday, then why not do it in style and visit the city that never sleeps? With flights to New York taking as little time as 7 hours and 45 minutes from London Heathrow with Virgin Atlantic, you can ditch the motorway for the runway and take-off to the holiday of your dreams. Book them on our website now.

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