Be My Vegas Valentine: A Live Proposal and the Perfect Wedding

By: Maxine Sheppard

February 14, 2014

After 26 years, two children and years of dreaming of marriage, Donna had all but given up on ever getting the big day she so hoped for. Family and friends similarly didn’t believe it would ever happen, but luckily boyfriend Del wanted to prove them all wrong, and in spectacular fashion”¦

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For some, it’s the stuff of nightmares while for others it’s a dream come true, so how did Donna feel when Del proposed live on ITV’s Daybreak, and then immediately whisked her off to Las Vegas for their Valentine’s Day wedding?

The perfect proposal

Earlier this year, Virgin Atlantic teamed up with Daybreak to offer a lucky couple the wedding of a lifetime in the bright lights of Las Vegas. Loved up celebrity couple Kian Egan and Jodi Albert launched the search for one brave person to make the surprise marriage proposal to their unsuspecting partner live on the show.
After being together for 26 years and with two children (Sky, 23 and Fern, 18) Donna never believed she’d marry, even changing her name by Deed Poll as she was so sick of not having the same surname as her partner and children. Having had the children young, marriage wasn’t a priority for the couple initially. “I’ve procrastinated proposing ever since,” admitted Del, “And have even bottled it a few times!”

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“I saw the opportunity on Daybreak and felt it was the time to prove everyone wrong. I was getting worried that if I left it any longer then the children would be married before us! I also wanted to make both the proposal and wedding truly memorable after taking so long to get round to it and this provided the perfect opportunity.”
Unsuspecting Donna arrived at the airport ready for her decoy trip to Rome. “I truly had no idea – I was so excited for my trip to Rome that I wasn’t thinking about anything else. I was shocked enough when he got down on one knee and then I found out it was all live on Daybreak!”

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The surprise didn’t stop there. Kian and Jodi then announced that the couple would be whisked off to Las Vegas by Virgin Atlantic for a rock and roll wedding of a lifetime on Valentine’s Day. “It was almost too much to take in,” said Donna. “After all these years of waiting I didn’t think I’d have a wedding at all, let alone one this spectacular! We celebrated with champagne in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse before flying Upper Class to Vegas – all things we could only have dreamed of doing before this”.
The couple were joined by family and friends who all flew to Las Vegas with them for their wedding of a lifetime in the entertainment capital of the world. See the amazing location for the wedding and what happened next over on the Daybreak website.

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