Boutique Chic: Alternative Las Vegas Souvenirs

By: Rebecca Frisch

November 20, 2013

If you’ve been to Las Vegas before, chances are you’ve got the keychain, magnet, mug, postcard or fuzzy dice to prove it. And, if you do, you know they’re not hard to come by. You’ll bump into a souvenir shop or kiosk everywhere you go on The Strip, including in a variety of hotel stores. But while traditional trinkets are an easy find, they’re also easily forgotten or discarded. If you’ve ever yearned for a boutique chic Vegas souvenir that was more memorable than memento, here are four of our favourite ways to bring Sin City back to your city.

Sin City? Make that Scent City

Las Vegas is a city built on the senses, at times subtle and indulgent; at others, nothing but complete, full-on overload. For example, many of its resorts infuse public spaces with special signature scents that instantly call to mind where you are. To walk into Mandalay Bay is to breathe in the tropics. Albeit, Vegas’ version. The aroma of coconut permeates the casino floor, and beyond. Meanwhile, sandalwood and musk perfume the air at the Venetian. To each resort, its own (scent).

You don’t need to visit your favourite Vegas hotel, however, to enjoy its fragrance. Many offer guests the chance to take it home via scent sticks, candles, and more. Each available for purchase in the gift shop, the spa, or both. If you can’t wait until your next visit, ring the hotel as many are happy to send your order to you.

Mandalay Bay | Vegas Top Hotel Stores

Eau de Vegas, anyone? © Prayitno

From resort to residence

Although most tourists will leave Las Vegas gushing about that one mouth-watering meal, that one unforgettable night at the club or that one (insert your best Vegas memory here), sometimes it’s the little things that evoke the strongest memories. Maybe it was the bed that gave you a fantastic night’s sleep when you were only hoping for a good one. Or, the robe that had you ordering room service just so you could stay wrapped in its comfy confines a wee bit longer. The good news is that more and more Vegas resorts, from Wynn and Bellagio to the Four Seasons Las Vegas and Aria, feature hotel-to-home programmes in which guests can buy that amazing mattress, the oh-so-soft robe, or a wide range of other in-room amenities.

Bellagio Room, MGMResorts | Vegas Top Hotel Stores

Can’t live without it? Chances are, it could be for sale. © MGM Resorts Intl.

Discovering them, however, can be tricky. Some hotels list their wares online, although not prominently, whereas other programmes are more of the “˜ask and you shall receive’ variety. Pricing can range from a few pounds to several thousand. If you can’t get something from your hotel room out of your head, the best (and, probably, most time-saving) tip is to call the hotel gift shop and ask if it can be bought and shipped.

Bright lights, big finds?

Another way to go beyond the typical kitschy Vegas souvenir is to let your favourite Vegas TV show or movie lead the way. For example, the History Channel’s ever-popular Pawn Stars really do run a pawn shop in downtown Las Vegas. Stop by to browse their latest acquisitions and you just might catch a filming, too. (Although, fair warning, lines can be lengthy.) Many of their “good buddies” own stores in the area, too, including restoration expert Rick Dale and sports memorabilia expert Jeremy Brown.

(Gold & Silver Pawn, 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South; Rick’s Restorations, 1112 South Commerce Street; Ultimate Sports Cards And Memorabilia, 450 Fremont Street Suite #183)

Boutique Las Vegas | Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

At this pawn store, buy don’t sell for a unique Vegas souvenir. © Steve Sutherland

Make art from Vegas’ past

One of the most memorable Vegas take-aways, however, can only be captured at the Neon Museum in Downtown Vegas. It is here some of the city’s most iconic neon signs now rest. Hour-long guided tours are held daily, allowing guests to fill their camera rolls with these majestic marquees while learning quite a bit about them, too. Once home, all you need do is develop and frame your favorite pic then just choose the perfect wall from which to enjoy Vegas from afar.

(Neon Museum, 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North)

Neon Museum | Vegas Top Hotel Stores

Go to the Neon Museum to make remembering Vegas a snap(shot) © Vox Solid Communications

Header photo: Las Vegas Strip © wuestenigel

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What’s your favourite Vegas souvenir? Share what it is and where you got it in the comments below!

Written by Rebecca Frisch


Rebecca Frisch

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