Brits spend 19 hours a week dreaming of what they’d like to do “one day”

By: Virgin Atlantic

May 17, 2016

Learning a new language, starting a business, winning big in Vegas and driving across the States in a Mustang are among a list of top thing Brits insist they’ve always wanted to do one day – but have never got around to.

As part of our new “One Day” campaign, we commissioned new research which took an in-depth look into the nation’s unfulfilled goals and aspirations in order to encourage people to embrace life and make their “one day” aspirations happen. Starting this week, we’ve taken over billboards across London to ask the general public to help give five lucky winners a surprise like no other. We’ve selected five historic tweets where Brits have mentioned their ‘one day’ moment and we’ll give them the opportunity to turn it into reality – as long as they get in touch before midnight. We’re selecting one candidate a day to be surprised up to and including Friday this week. Find out more or visit @VirginAtlantic on Twitter to see if you’ve been selected.

Our research reveals the average person in the UK spends an incredible 19 hours a week day-dreaming about the things they’d like to do one day. A staggering nine out of ten Brits said if they had the option they’d leave their current lives behind and take the chance to live out their life goals. One in four people said they would give up their job to embark on a trip of a lifetime, while one in ten said they’d give up most of their belongings to fulfill their adventures.

Walk the Great Wall of China

What gets in our way?

While many people want to throw caution to the wind and embark on a whirlwind adventure, almost 70 per cent felt that family or work commitments held them back. Another 14 per cent claimed they were too ‘fearful’, and a further 10 per cent admitted they were simply too lazy.

“We’ve all said it – ‘one day I will…’ but all too often we just don’t allow that one day to happen, maybe because we’re too cautious about taking the plunge,” said Reuben Arnold, our senior vice president of Customer Experience and Marketing. “By encouraging people to think of their ‘one day’ moment, we want to remind them that life doesn’t come to you so go to it. Whether it’s taking an impromptu flight or taking a dream job overseas, we hope that even more people can make their goals a reality.”

Go on safari in South Africa © Maxine Sheppard.png
Go on a safari in South Africa


The study reveals 85 per cent of those polled said they had activities and travels that they’d like to fulfill ‘one day’ but more than a third (39 per cent) regret not having completed them already. A hopeful 41 per cent said they still believed they would fulfill some of their ambitions, with a fifth (21 per cent) saying they’d complete one of their dreams and an ambitious 18 per cent saying they’d complete two or more.

Win big in Las Vegas Golden Nugget © Maxine Sheppard.jpg
Win big in Vegas, baby

Mum and dad can help!

Seven out of ten people wish their parents had encouraged them more to follow their dreams which suggests why as many as 82 per cent said they’d encourage their own children to travel more and see things in their lifetime.

Top “one day” moments

  • Become fluent in a foreign language – 35 per cent
  • Starting your own business – 29 per cent
  • Walk the Great Wall of China – 26 per cent
  • Take an impromptu flight around the world – 24 per cent
  • Go on a trip across the States in a Mustang – 23 per cent
  • Win big in Vegas – 23 per cent
  • Master a musical instrument – 21 per cent
  • Go on a safari in South Africa – 19 per cent
  • Get a dream job overseas – 18 per cent
  • Learn to dive and explore the Great Barrier Reef – 18 per cent
  • Trek through the Amazon jungle – 16 per cent
  • Be an extra in a Hollywood blockbuster – 14 per cent
  • Write a best-selling novel – 13 per cent
  • Audition for a play on Broadway – 13 per cent
  • Patent your own design – 12 per cent
  • Volunteer for a charity abroad – 11 per cent
  • Star in a TV show
  • Climb a mountain for charity – 10 per cent
  • Become a successful blogger – 10 per cent
  • Run a marathon in your favourite city – 8 per cent

Even if you’re not one of our lucky five winners, we can still help to make some of your dreams a reality. Book a flight to one of our amazing destinations and start planning your “one day” today.

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