Completing our co-location with Delta at London Heathrow

By: Jodie Gray

September 26, 2016

The Delta and Virgin Atlantic co-location team

Earlier this month we reached a big milestone with our joint venture partner Delta – we’re now fully co-located in our joint home at London Heathrow’s Terminal 3.

Delta have switched their Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Philadelphia flights from Terminal 4 to join their services to New York JFK, Boston and Seattle that already operate from Terminal 3.

This means that all our Heathrow flights now arrive and depart from the same terminal, making things more seamless for our customers, whether they’re flying with Virgin Atlantic or Delta.

“This is the culmination of a lot of hard work from teams across Virgin Atlantic and Delta, and we’re thrilled that all of the planning is now a reality,” said Vice President of Airport Operations Jon Yates. “Whether they’re flying Virgin Atlantic or Delta, our customers will benefit from world-class service from the most punctual trans-Atlantic operators at Heathrow, and we’re pleased to welcome them to Terminal 3. Congratulations to everyone involved in the move.”

Our airports teams worked hard to make sure our customers enjoyed a great experience on the first day, and beyond.

Delta on the move to Heathrow Terminal 3

Delta on the move to Heathrow Terminal 3

“On our first full day of co-location, all Virgin Atlantic and Delta flights got away on time,” said Ash Lamming, our Delta Account Manager at Heathrow. “That is a fantastic achievement given how much planning went into the complex move. We needed to make sure that the terminal, and our facilities, could cope with the additional passenger flow, which as you can imagine took a great deal of time and effort from a whole host of departments and people.  And it was also important that the high customer satisfaction scores that we see at Heathrow didn’t drop. Thanks to a great team effort from our airport teams, Delta and Heathrow Airport we’ve achieved that along with the added benefits of being the only airline partnership flying all flights from the same terminal!”


Jodie Gray

Jodie Gray

Jodie’s new to Virgin Atlantic, but her love of air travel begun years ago when her dad surprised her with her first ever flight from Heathrow. She still gets excited about going to the airport but she likes travelling on foot too – her favourite way to explore a new place is with an early morning run.