D.C on Film: The Wonders of Washington

By: Katie Manning

January 11, 2013

This city may put on a serious face, but behind the politics there’s plenty of fun to be had in Washington DC. From gourmet restaurants to hidden drinking haunts, D.C. knows how to let its hair down. Check out our favourite videos to find out why we just can’t get enough of this city.

“Washington, DC” by Matt Quinn

This video by Matt Quinn captures his road trip to the Capital city where we’re shown not only the big sights but the little ones too. Short and sweet, we think this is a perfect little summation of Washington D.C.

“Breakdancing in Washington, DC – Version 1 – Phantom  HD” by Dave Adams

This epic slow-motion breakdancing video is set at the Edgewood murals in North East Washington D.C. Not only a beautiful background but also a testament to the vibrancy of the city.

“District 1.5″ by Drew Geraci

Drew Geraci’s exhilarating HDR time lapse video really conveys the more serious nature of Washington D.C. The political world frames the film and the sense of urgency heightens this impression too.

“Tweed Ride 2010″ by Brandon Bloch

The Washington Tweed Ride was started in 2009 and quite simply involves tweed-clad cyclists riding en masse through the streets of the city. We love the way this video showcases the infectious atmosphere and the most committed of participants.

“Washington DC!” by Down Ivory

This witty and honest video captures two people’s exploration of the city and interactions with its local residents. It may not be the best quality, but we promise it will make you laugh”¦


Katie Manning

Katie is an author for the Virgin Atlantic blog. Despite her urban London residency, Katie can often be found exploring far-flung corners of the globe in search of exciting new experiences and stories. A self-confessed night-owl, she makes it her mission to search out the best cocktail bars and live music venues on each and every expedition. Follow Katie @kt_saramanning

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