Don’t Look Down: An epic movie about Richard’s ballooning exploits

By: Dave Gunner

November 23, 2016

Dont look down movie poster

Dont look down movie poster

In the late 80s and early 90s Richard undertook a clutch of death defying record breaking adventures in hot air balloons. Coming very close to disaster several times he went on to break a number of aviation and ballooning records. The story of these terrifying exploits formed a really important part of our own early story. As a fledgling airline we didn’t have the resources or advertising budgets to put ourselves on level terms with our competitors, so Richard used his ballooning quests as a way of advertising our services. With the giant balloons emblazoned with a bold ‘Fly Virgin’ logo, Richard knew the publicity from the adventures would get our airline on the front pages. And he was right!

The recently released film, ‘Don’t Look Down’ is the real story behind these daring expeditions.

If you thought you knew the story, think again. This revealing documentary takes you right into the heart of the action as you join Richard and the team for a truly heartstopping adventure. With previously unseen footage from within the balloons, interviews with the people who were there and modern recreations, the film tells all like never before and is gripping from the start. And it’s great to look back on some of our earliest PR efforts which were the beginning of our lifelong love of the PR stunt!

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