Extraordinary Johannesburg Videos

By: Katie Manning

January 9, 2013

From Lion Parks to skateboarding collectives and aspiring fashionistas, we’ve found there’s a lot to discover about everyday life in Johannesburg. Behind the towering skyscrapers and bustling local markets there is a wealth to see and do in this city. Check out our five favourite videos for a sneak peak into life in Jo’burg.

“Lion Park – Johannesburg” by Destination Hoops

One of the city’s top attractions, Lion Park is one of our favourite spots in town. Following a group of African basketball players as they explore the park and “play” with the lions, we love this light-hearted video by Destination Hoops

“It’s:My:Time – Behind the Scenes – Johannesburg” by Andre Bosé do Amaral

Keep up with the Johannesburg fashion crowd as they line up for a United Colours of Benetton casting. Meet some of the local talent and soak up the avant-garde style of some of the city’s top fashion talent.

“48h around Johannesburg with lions, “˜10″ by Claire&Max

Playful, incredibly cute and almost harmless we couldn’t help but fall in love with these adorable little lion cubs. Watch in awe as Claire and Max cuddle up to the kings of the jungle.

“Johannesburg” by Nicolette Le Riche

This short, stop motion video provides a great insight into some of Johannesburg’s lesser-known local neighbourhoods. We love its fast-paced vibe and use of colourful effects inspired by graffiti.

“City of Johannesburg” by Reprobait Magazine

“City of Johannesburg” by Reprobait Magazine follows a group of young local lads as the cruise around the city on their skateboards. Showcasing their impressive skills at an array of different landmarks, we love this alternative view of city life.


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