Five Great Apps for Adventure Travellers

By: andrewbowman

July 19, 2011

The fourth in our series concentrates on handy apps for the intrepid globetrotter. Whether you’re out in the wilds or hopping from city to city, you can find the best helping hands are right in your pocket”¦



An award-winning Augmented Reality browser, Wikitudehelps you see the world with new eyes. Point your smartphone camera at whatever’s in front of you and the app will overlay the image with information – Wikipedia articles, reviews, ATM and restaurant locations or even related tweets. Find whatever you need, wherever you are. You can also upload your own info, and as Wikitude’s global user community grows, the content is getting better and better, so get involved and help map the world in a new and exciting way.



Wikitude on iPhone

Wikitude on iPhone


Free for iPhone, iPad, Ovi and Android.


So, you’re lost on your adventures and you come across a sign you can’t read”¦well, all you need now is your phone’s camera and Pictranslator. Take a pic of a sign, menu, map or anything with clear text and the app does the rest. Amazing. Pictranslator comes with one language, but the top-up packs – which now include Japanese – are pretty cheap at £1.49 each, or you can get the all language set for a steal at £2.49.


£2.99 for iPhone/iPad.

National Park Maps HD

National Georaphic's National Park Maps HD

National Geographic’s National Park Maps HD


For those off to discover the vast American wilderness, National Geographic’s National Park Maps app is indispensible. Save on all that folding and unfolding with high quality, detailed maps of the country’s top parks inside your phone. All the info is available offline too, so no data roaming worries either.

£2.99 for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad Another developer, Cartosoft make a great inexpensive equivalent for Android phones, available for just 61p.



Not all adventures take place in the back of beyond of course; you may well be hopping from city to city on a big trip. Allsubwayputs 130-odd maps, covering all the world’s major subway/metro/underground systems in pocket for easy reference. Again, you don’t need an internet connection to view the maps, so planning and navigating on the go are headache-free.


69p for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Pano / Photaf 3D Panorama

You’re up high, staring out at a beautiful landscape and wish you could capture it forever, but you just can’t cram all of its breathtaking glory in one shot. Luckily, making effective, decent quality panorama shots is a doddle these days with apps like Pano, the best and easiest such program for the iPhone. You can now use up to 16 photos for one panorama and once you get the hang of it the stitching is genuinely seamless. As its name suggests Photaf 3D Panoramafor Android makes things extra vivid, by cleverly working out the exact angle of each shot your using, making for some very special results.



Pano for iPhone

Pano for iPhone


Pano: £1.49 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Photaf 3D Panorama: FREE for Android

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