Flying Club Gold? Fly with Delta and maximise your benefits

By: Virgin Atlantic

July 28, 2015

Our partnership with Delta Air Lines means you can now connect to more US gateways than ever before, and if you’re a Flying Club member you’ll now earn miles on every Delta flight you take, anywhere in the world. You can spend your miles on Delta flights too, so the world is now seriously your oyster.

Flying Club Gold members can expect even greater benefits when flying with Delta within the United States, and we’re happy to introduce a guest post from well-known US-based points expert Gilbert from who has taken time out to share his mile-maximising tips and advice with our readers. Over to you, Gilbert…

Gilbert from

In art less can truly be more. When flying, less is never more, more is more. Whether you’re closer to Fort Knox in Kentucky or the Bank Of England’s underground reserves in central London, it’s good to be Flying Club Gold. I mean, what other friend do you have that buys you a drink and tries to find you a seat in business class every time you fly? The partnership between Delta and Virgin Atlantic marks a unique opportunity for Flying Club Gold members to access the United States and beyond without forgoing their beloved Flying Club Gold standards. Though there are less gold Lanson bottles to be found in the states, there are plenty of ways to maximize your Gold benefits with Delta.

Complimentary upgrades: So you’re telling me there’s a chance…

All travel is a wonderful privilege. Upgrades however are a blissful experience. Fortunately, Flying Club Gold members are able to automatically request upgrades on all Delta flights within the continental United States excluding direct transcontinental flights between New York and Los Angeles or San Francisco. If you prefer a welcome drink over an armrest war, make sure to input your Flying Club number at booking or check in. Rolling the dice is fun in Vegas, but when it comes to upgrades I like to leave as little to chance as possible. Accordingly, always check how many seats are still open up front before booking. To help stack the chips in your favour, avoid peak business times in favour of mid day or later evening flights and always consider alternate less trafficked routes, it will often help bring your name to the top of the upgrade list. 1A all day.

You’re golden: You’re Sky Priority… and Ground Priority too

Find me a person who doesn’t like skipping lines and receiving VIP treatment and I will find you a liar. Sky Priority is designed to be a seamless airport experience with dedicated private check in, expedited security and “Sky Priority” baggage handling. If you want to look like a golden rock god while traveling on Delta simply input your Flying Club number into your Delta reservation to ensure that your benefits are awarded properly every time you fly. When arriving at the airport follow signs from the curb to Sky Priority for access to private check in and expedited screening. Whether your upgrade clears or not, you’ll always be among the first to board using the Sky Priority lane. There we go, skipping lines again. If you want to experience Sky Priority at its best, be sure to check it out at JFK Terminal 4 and for those holding boarding passes for Delta One, check out the brand new paparazzi proof Delta One Wing at LAX. Even by rockstar standards it’s pretty nice.

Bit of a diva? More bags, no problems

If you collect clothes like you collect miles fortunately you’re in luck. I can’t comment on the phrase more money more problems, but I am qualified to say more bags, no problems. As a Flying Club Gold member, you receive a complimentary extra checked bag on all long and short haul Delta economy flights allowing you to pack for everything from the beach, the board room, the bar or the ball. Everyone likes free and a penny saved is a penny earned. Perhaps one day with all the money I’ve saved on baggage I can comment on the better known phrase in this paragraph.

Everyone likes a raise. 300% will do

If I asked my boss for a 300% raise I would fret to think of the result or the status of my employment. When flying I don’t even have to ask. Like I said, more is more, less is not more and if there’s one thing we can all agree on, more miles are good miles. When flying a route not serviced by Virgin Atlantic, you can rest assured knowing that Gold Members always receive 100% of base miles, an additional 100% bonus of base miles flown for being top tier elite and for you lucky devils flying long haul business class on Delta One, you’ll net a smile worthy additional bonus between 50-100%. Yep, up to 300% of the miles flown puts you in a pretty great position for your next upgrade or award ticket. Golden goodness.

Having elite status and flying without it while watching others whizz through the airport is like watching the love of your life on a date with someone else. I wouldn’t recommend it. With the amazing elite partnership benefits between Virgin Atlantic and Delta your airport experience will never be a romantic comedy. Get the most out of your hard earned benefits. Gold is the standard and more is more.


Connect to more US gateways than ever before with Virgin Atlantic and Delta

Find out more about our partnership with Delta Air Lines and if you’re not yet a member of our Flying Club then sign up today.

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