Hidden Beach Shack Restaurants in Grenada

By: Sarah Woods

October 3, 2014

Simple Grenadian hospitality can be found just steps from the beach © shalamov/iStock/Thinkstock 

Relax, kick back and unwind at our pick of the best beach shack restaurants in Grenada, where sun, sea, sand and life’s simplest pleasures converge in barefoot bliss.

You don’t need to glam up and splash out to enjoy Grenadian beachfront cocktails and ice-cold beers. Grab a seat at one of the island’s simple beach shacks to dig your toes into powdery sands. Or choose a table on the harbour to watch seabirds soar in clear blue skies above lazy waves. In a buzzing backstreet food joint, you’ll find simple Grenadian hospitality just metres from the water without the fuss of fancy decor, reservations or encyclopaedic menus.

With its wooden deck, rustic balustrade and thatched lid, Rocky’s ‘Unwind’ Bar is one of Grenada’s most authentic beach bars, right on sands of Morne Rouge Beach. Friendly, casual and lacking in all airs and graces, this quaint beer joint beneath the palms doesn’t care about the sand on your feet or your soaking wet beachwear. It greets you with a warm smile and the island’s coldest beer. Though the bar has been updated from the dilapidated shack it once was, it retains its rustic flair and easygoing vibe. For the best view in the house, prop yourself up on the wooden patio and enjoy your drinks just a couple of steps away from the water’s edge. This place is open long hours at weekends and over big festivals and holidays. You can eat here, but there’s no menu – just ask for what’s going (clue: it’s usually fish).


Beach Shack Restaurants in Grenada | Seafood
Fresh seafood is a delectable local specialty © Fedor Kondratenko/iStock/Thinkstock

Expect few frills and zero fuss at the Creole Shack on Melville Street, where provincial food is served kitchen-style and cocktails are made to order with local rum, freshly chopped fruits and a handful of island spices. Though not strictly on the sand, the Creole Shack overlooks the water and is considered an honorary beach hangout, attracting many of St George’s most eccentric characters around 4pm each day. Pour a beer to the tall tales of Grenada’s most animated barflies while a super-sized TV blares out reggae classics full pelt. Hungry? This place serves baked garlic fish, pepperpot beef and oil down from early morning until late.


Beach Shack Restaurants in Grenada | Table
Whether sipping or dining, Grenada offers many popular watering holes and restaurants © Yuan Zhang/iStock/Thinkstock

Set on beautiful Grand Anse Beach, Umbrellas Beach Bar is a highly popular watering hole with a buzzing mix of locals, students and tourists and is famous for its potent cocktails, big measures of liquor and oversized beers. Just walk up from the sea, shower the salt off at the bar and grab a table overlooking the sands. The menu offers a mix of grilled seafood, patties and salads with a great-value Happy Hour – complete with live music – each day at sundown.

Another Melville Street secret is the rustic Patty Shack where a small menu of soul food is conjured up in a pocket-sized kitchen. A favourite with local diners, this place serves Jamaican-style grilled patties wrapped in floury bread rolls and served with spicy pepper sauce. Set back from the Careenage, the Patty Shack is well off the tourist radar but is waiting to be discovered with its plastic tables, battered chairs and bright-red decor. Can’t find it? Listen out for the pounding pulse of morning-’til-night Jamaican reggae – and follow the beat to the door.


Beach Shack Restaurants in Grenada | Caribbean Food
Spicy and flavourful cooking is a guarantee © russaquarius/iStock/Thinkstock

Right on the water at the Careenage, and run by an ever-smiling Anglo-Grenadian, BBs Crabback is a charming seafront food joint characterised by brightly painted walls covered in messages from fans all over the world. Owner Brian Benjamin is island-born but spent most of his life running a Caribbean eatery in London. Everyone raves about his traditional cooking, using the freshest home-grown vegetables, herbs and spices – be sure to order the crab (of course) and pumpkin fritters, washed down with just-squeezed mango juice. Then simply sit back and soak up the stunning views across the sea.

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Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods

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