Horror onboard this October

October, and as the world continues on its annual journey around the sun, the nights become longer than the days. Jumpers and scarves emerge from their summer hiding places, and trees begin to lose their leaves. This is the month of Halloween. The spookiest month, when pools of mist hang over graveyards and spider webs cloak the fields. In other words, the perfect month to watch a good horror movie!

If you’re flying with us in October, we’ve got some of the best new horror films for you to enjoy (is that the right word?) We’ve also hand-picked some real classics that still pack a scary punch no matter how many times you’ve seen them.

Becca Notman: Favourite horror character – Jack Torrence in The Shining. Best of the new bunch of films – Hereditary… “seriously scary.” New film most looking forward to – Mary Poppins Returns

Becca Notman, who works in our Inflight entertainment and connectivity team, helps with choosing the movies and TV we put on each month. The team combine in-depth knowledge and passion for films and TV with a good understanding of our customers and what they like. They then study film review sites before selecting an extraordinarily diverse range of entertainment. The team can spend anything up to 70 hours a month watching films (I know, someone’s got to do it) and for the October selection, she had to put up with some pretty scary screenings. Putting our love of horror films down to us enjoying the unexpected and a good surprise, Becca is also a big fan of the older horror movies and reckons that they have a way of doing things that puts many modern horror stories to shame.

A long-haul flight is a perfect opportunity to watch a good film. Free from distractions, it really is quality ‘me’ time. For October we’ve included a few new horror films and some real classics that deserve a second or third watch.

Horror films onboard for October:

  • Hereditary – when the family secrets are genuinely terrifying
  • Stranger in the House (The Inherited) – Suspicions around the death of the first wife
  • 28 Days later – Danny Boyle directs a post-apocalyptic horror film about a highly contagious virus.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street — the 1984 classic slasher film with the burnt faced bladed gloved killer.
  • Alien – unforgettable sci-fi horror onboard the commercial space tug Nostromo
  • Beetlejuice – the obnoxious ghost and a recently deceased couple fight over the right to haunt their old house.
  • The Conjuring – from 2013 disturbing events in an old farmhouse. Of course, there is.
  • The Exorcist – demonic possession
  • The Omen – Son of Satan Damien is born.
  • Predator – alien stalks Arnie in the jungle
  • The Shining – Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, caretaker of the Overlook Hotel.
  • The Witches – evil witches look like ordinary women but kill children!
  • A Quiet Place – Aliens that hunt by sound and a family who must live in silence
  • Ghost Stories – twists and turns galore in the British horror film about a man devoted to debunking psychics.
  • Truth or Dare – students games go horribly wrong
  • Unsane – Clare Foy plays a woman who is confined to an institution after being stalked.
  • Upgrade – (No, not that sort of upgrade) this is about a man who is implanted with a chip that allows him to control his body after a mugging leaves him paralysed
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane -waking up in an underground cellar after a car crash.
  • Cloverfield – Monsters attack a New York party
  • Gremlins – black comedy with destructive evil creatures
  • Jaws – 1975 fishy horror. Please don’t hate sharks because of it.

If you’re having trouble deciding which movie to watch this handy guide from inside Vera magazine will help you choose.

As we’ve discovered before emotions are heightened while watching movies on aircraft. Our cabin crew are trained to spot someone looking a bit anxious or frightened and are always on hand with a tissue or a few calming words. But please remember, in airspace, everyone can hear you scream!








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