Hotel Chocolat: Behind the scenes at Boucan St Lucia

By: Sarah Woods

December 14, 2015

Chocoholics who choose to stay at Boucan St Lucia are in for a treat. Set on the prestigious Rabot Estate, this boutique property is the brainchild of Hotel Chocolat, known the world over for their delicious range of truffles and other cocoa delights.

Behind the scenes at Boucan St Lucia

Contemporary, airy interiors reflect the laid-back charm of the West Indies © Hotel Chocolat

A decadent homage to the art and taste of chocolate, Hotel Chocolat is one of the world’s greatest chocolate specialists – a company that called itself a “hotel” before it even had rooms in recognition of the power of chocolate to transport people to a better place. Whether you see chocolate as a delight, a comfort, a reward, or sheer indulgence, the Boucan is the ultimate sumptuous escape.

Behind the scenes at Boucan St Lucia

Take the time to soak in the stunning rainforest surroundings from the outdoor pool © Hotel Chocolat

After a decade in business, Hotel Chocolat now owns a hotel on a fine estate on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, amidst a lush 140-acre cocoa plantation. Here, beside the shimmering waters of the Caribbean Sea, cocoa is harvested for some of Hotel Chocolat’s exquisite range of luxurious chocolates; fiercely loyal to St Lucia’s own cocoa farmers, Hotel Chocolat sources beans from neighbouring plantations, too.

Behind the scenes at Boucan St Lucia

Cocoa is harvested for use in Hotel Chocolat’s fine array of chocolates at St Lucia’s oldest plantation © Hotel Chocolat

Guests at the 14-room Boucan Hotel & Restaurant enjoy stylish barefoot elegance, from the stunning views across rustic tropical foliage to the dramatic Piton Mountains, to a lovingly created cocoa-centric menu in which every dish has a subtle chocolate influence. Cocoa has been used as a savoury ingredient for over 3,000 years and as a sweet ingredient for only 500, and the Rabot Estate celebrates St Lucia’s fine local produce with an exciting blend of island spice infusions. Hotel Chocolat’s Engaged Ethics Programme, a project that champions sustainable pricing to support small, independent growers and aid re-investment, has also been credited with regenerating cocoa growing in St Lucia.

Behind the scenes at Boucan St Lucia

Sample a range of delicious chocolate-inspired dishes at the restaurant © Hotel Chocolat

There are also tufted terraces of award-winning vines at the Rabot Estate. And truly stunning rainforest walks. It has also launched an award-winning beauty range, Cocoa Juvenate, at its spa of the same name. Creams, body lotions and moisturisers make full use of cocoa’s natural, nourishing properties and bountiful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – a way to indulge without consuming a single calorie.

Behind the scenes at Boucan St Lucia

Warm, velvety, rich and dark, this is the ultimate retreat for chocolate lovers © Hotel Chocolat

Virgin Atlantic operates direct flights to St Lucia from London Gatwick, bringing your chocolate retreat within easy reach.


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