Insider Interview Cape Town: DJ Bruno Morphet

By: Katie Manning

January 8, 2013

Bruno Morphet is one of Cape Town, if not Africa’s, best electronica DJs. He talks to us about why the city inspires him and gives us insider tips on where visitors to Cape Town should really hang out after dark.

How does Cape Town inspire your work as a graphic designer and your passion for DJing?

Cape Town is, by anyone’s assessment, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Inspiration appears without you even having to go looking for it. Capetonians are notoriously difficult to lure out of their dens, but once on the dance floor, they’ll happily keep going till long after the city council thinks they ought to be in bed.

Cape Town: The Waiting Room

Image: The Waiting Room

Does Cape Town induce a special kind of creativity?

Johannesburg is South Africa’s financial hub, whilst Cape Town draws people who will sacrifice financial gain for the sake of living in a beautiful city. This translates to a lot of creative people that call the city home and drive their agenda wherever possible.

Cape Town: La Boheme
Image: La Boheme

Any favourite after-dark hangouts in Cape Town?

Well, for clubbing, Fiction is always a standout; anyone into non-commercial, experimental and underground electronic music must spend at least one night there. It’s boldly designed, and the closest thing we have to a ’boutique club’, with a small but thumping dance floor. The focus on excellent sound makes it a standout, and we work hard to bring in top-calibre DJs. We also do a mean set at The Assembly.

Cape Town: HaikuImage: Haiku

What do you consider to be the best places to eat in the city?

For dining, I like Saigon – a Vietnamese restaurant (+27 21 424 7670), Bizerca – a French bistro, Haiku (Asian Tapas) and La Boheme – a bistro and wine bar – all very different places.

Cape Town: Bizerca

Image: Bizerca

And, what about by day? Where would you go to wind down?

The beach starts and ends with Clifton First for me, and I can think of nothing more relaxing than any one of a hundred routes up Table Mountain. It is a jewel. After that I’d raise a few pints at the revamped Jason’s (now a bar and eatery) on Bree Street, or Waiting Room (+27 21 422 4536) at 273 Long Street.


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