Emma Lloyd: Customer experience executive

Describe your job?
I am currently on a secondment as a Customer Experience Executive in Virgin Holidays.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be many different things, mainly a female Indiana Jones, but that was a little unrealistic!

What in your job has given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfilment?
I have only recently joined my team and spent the first month getting stuck into working on the Star Wars flight. Seeing what can be achieved with a lot of hard work in a Double Red fashion, and how happy it made our customers, gave me lots of fulfilment!

What keeps you motivated?~
Driving forward changes that have a positive effect on our customers’ experience and NPS keeps me motivated to find other ways we can improve. I also like to keep busy and keep the ball rolling!

What women have inspired you?
Lots of different women have inspired me! One is Gina Martin, who took on the government to change the law and make up-skirting illegal. Also Emma Watson for everything she does as a UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador.

What’s your role in the Scarlet Network?
I’m currently setting up Scarlet lean-in’s, which are a small groups of women who meet monthly to discuss topics, support each other, and develop themselves. Similar to how Springboard runs with home groups, it’s a great continuation of their development.

What do you personally take from your involvement in the Scarlet Network?
I think I have gained a lot of confidence in my own abilities since joining Scarlet, and I have also widened my network a lot. It has been amazing to make lots of new friends and have my own support network at work.

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