Lauren Waterman-Willis: Cabin service supervisor

Describe your job?
Cabin service supervisor (flyer)

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Ally McBeal! Why? It looked fun and used brain power!

What options seemed open or closed to you?
None really closed. I was always brought up to believe I could be or do anything.

What in your job has given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfilment?

What keeps you motivated?
Family and goals

What women have inspired you?
My nan, she’s 91 and was a single parent of four back in the 50’s. She took all four kids away every year on her own for six weeks at time, on a shoestring! She made the local papers most years and used to run out of money, visit the local British embassy, borrow money to get home and use it to get to the next country and do the same again! Then spend the year in between paying it back to do it all again!

How do you think women’s equality has evolved and what needs to happen next?
It’s more acceptable to talk about it without being seen as ‘bra burner’ –  people are aware it’s a genuine issue. There needs to be equal pay for equal work, and more part-time senior roles available.

What’s your role in the Scarlet Network?
Secretary of the network

What do you personally take from your involvement in SN?
It has broadened my horizons, I’ve met amazing people, done things I never thought I’d do and I love being involved.

How has Scarlet Network helped you?
I recently gained a promotion I’ve been working towards for 17 years! I had so many examples of my work with Scarlet, and other doors that Scarlet has opened for me, that I used in my interviews. It has also given me the confidence to know I’m able to do much more than I thought I was capable of.

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