Rebecca Creer: Spas & Styling Manager

Role: I manage the Clubhouse spas at the Base, Heathrow, Gatwick and New York JFK and the styling standards for all staff wearing a uniform.

What is the secret of your success? Knowledge, experience, resilience, compassion, continuous self-development and self-belief. Most importantly the people around me both professionally and personally.

What women have inspired you?  I am inspired by both women and men. People who are helping and guiding others to be the best they can be. My team inspires me every day. They have the power in their hands and minds to make people feel happy and confident. I’m inspired by my nieces, nephews and godchildren. I want to make sure they can be whoever they want to be without judgement or judging others.

How do you think women’s equality has evolved and what needs to happen next? Equality for women is improving but we still have a long way to go. Women have to be kinder and more supportive of each other in whatever path we choose. If a woman chooses to stay at home with her children, then brilliant because that is her choice. If she wants to be an engineer or pilot, then great because that is her choice. If she wants to be a beauty therapist or stylist, wear make-up and be feminine… that is her choice. We shouldn’t judge anybody for the choices they make for themselves in life. We should all treat each other with respect regardless of gender, job role or title.

Women also need to be better at self-promotion. Men are very good at this.

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