Introducing Wellness, our new healthy travel programme

By: Virgin Atlantic

July 29, 2019

Arriving at your destination feeling fit and healthy used to take a lot of planning and effort. Same with responsible travelling. At every stage of your journey, it’s about making small choices. Staying hydrated, doing those seat exercises, eating better and being aware of the products you use along the way. To help, we’ve brought all these initiatives together and given them a new name: Wellness – a programme to give you clear signposts for how you can look after yourself when flying with us.  We think it’ll make a big difference to how you feel when you step off your flight.

There’s no denying long haul travel can take its toll. The rarefied and dry air of an aircraft cabin combined with crossing time zones can leave you feeling less than your best. But it doesn’t have to be that way, according to Rebecca Creer who manages our Clubhouse spas and salons. She’s on a mission to create products and experiences that are good for the body, mind and planet. The Wellness brand is her idea, and you’ll start to see its logo appearing at many different points of your journey. This month, Wellness made its debut on our onboard entertainment system, Vera, with its own genre in the TV and music categories. It includes some exciting names in fitness and health who bring you top-notch tips and tricks for staying healthy on your flight.

“This has been an ambition of mine for such a long time, to bring all of our customer wellness under one banner and then see it evolve.”

Rebecca Creer

Team Body Project

Also new onboard this month is a collaboration with fitness gurus Team Body Project to show an inflight in-seat workout. These simple moves will help increase circulation and reduce muscular tension, so you can skip off the aircraft at the end of the flight without aching legs or necks. The idea of husband and wife (and busy parents) Daniel and Alexandra, the gentle exercises are suitable for all fitness levels and can be used as often as you like onboard. See their website to find out more about Team Body Project or sign up for some of their workouts.

And relax…

Meditation specialists Headspace have been a regular and popular part of our onboard offering for a while now, and as part of the Wellness initiative, we’ve got even more great content from them. This includes a soothing selection of mindfulness exercises and a highly recommended sleep programme to help you get those precious zeds. We’ve also got a range of AMSR tracks for you to listen to. If you’re not familiar with the acronym, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is a new phenomenon that uses soothing sounds to reduce anxiety and relaxation. Definitely worth a try.

If you’re after the perfect flight, try some tips and tricks from the Wellness programme, add a couple of little indulgent treats, chill for a while, catch a movie or read a book, and we think you’ll be feeling pretty good by the time you land.

Wellness spas

Wellness is also heading to Clubhouses and Spas in the coming weeks, we are re branding our Clubhouse Spas to Wellness spas and we’ll be introducing  some exciting new products. “We looked for products that are free from known harmful chemicals, have responsibly sourced ingredients and packaging, are sustainable, have naturally derived ingredients and are cruelty-free,” said Rebecca  In August we’ll be replacing Bumble and Bumble products with Aveda Hair care these products will fit perfectly with our current product houses Dr Hauschka and de Mamiel, we’ll also be making more exciting  Clean beauty changes across the customer journey over the next few months.

This is just the start of our Wellness journey, so keep an eye out for the distinctive Wellness logo and plenty more initiatives from Rebecca and her team over the coming months.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Fly safe, and fly well, with us. The health and safety of our customers and our people is — and always has been — our number one priority. At every stage of your journey, you’re in safe hands.

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