Las Vegas Videos We Love

By: Katie Manning

January 10, 2013

With its bright lights and non-stop party atmosphere, Las Vegas has a late-night scene like no other city we know. Of course we would never miss the opportunity to pop into a casino or two, but there is far more to Las Vegas than slot machines and roulette wheels. Find out what lies behind the neon lights with our selection of Las Vegas videos.

“Las Vegas ’10” by Sam Neely

The relentless nature of Las Vegas is captured in this video by Sam Neely, with all the gambling, lack of sleep and neon that we’ve come to expect from Sin City.

“Las Vegas” by Paul Holman

The Bellagio and the infamous Las Vegas Strip are given a luxurious and hedonistic feel in this video, with their extravagant fountain displays and swimming pools. We love the shot at 1.25 minutes in”¦

“Morning Ride” by Neek

This video takes a look at the city at 7am, shot while cruising through the freeway on the way to the Las Vegas strip. The city, as you’ll see is either already up or more likely, still up from the night before.

“24 Hours of Neon” by Philip Bloom

Filmmaker Philip Bloom attempts with this video to convey the sense of colour and insanity that Las Vegas possesses – all from the viewpoint of his hotel balcony. We think he succeeds.

“THE STRIP | LAS VEGAS 2011” by Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller’s video takes a really hard look at the Las Vegas Strip and attempts to capture the craziness that it entails. A perfect mix of “glamour and grime””¦


Header © Moyan Brenn/Flickr


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