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By: Virgin Atlantic

June 16, 2015

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As part of our joint venture with Delta Air Lines, our customers can fly to over 200 US destinations – 216 in fact. So last week we enlisted the help of acclaimed illusionist DMC (aka Drummond Money-Coutts) to demonstrate the breadth of this coverage.

Along with some of our cabin crew, the magician arrived in London in a classic red Cadillac and asked individuals to pick a city from our US route network at random, from Fort Myers to Fort Worth, Arkansas to Albuquerque and Denver to Daytona. He then challenged them to send him their chosen US city through the power of telepathy, and if able to, they would win flights to that destination.

Check out our video below to see the shocked and emotional reactions to the trick performed by DMC, including a group of women brought to tears with a trip of a lifetime to Portland, Oregon.

“It was such a surprise!” said Gemma Rudd, who won the trip to Portland. “I tried to pick the most unusual place in the US, and I was 100% sure there was no way DMC would be able to get it. Little did I know, he not only read my mind, but I will also get to visit the city. Definitely one of the best tricks I’ve ever seen and we can’t wait to go on our American adventure!”

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DMC: reading minds like a boss

“America is such a dream destination for many people,” said DMC. “It was great fun to put a little magic into giving people fantastic trips and I hope it inspires many others to try somewhere totally new in the USA!”

“Working with DMC gave us a fun way to showcase all the America has to offer,” added Hamish Rickman, our Head of Brand Engagement. “Our winners are now travelling to cities such as Knoxville, Seattle and Pittsburgh to start enjoying their American dream.”

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As part of our joint venture with Delta, customers can fly to 216 US destinations

Launched on January 1, 2014, the Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines joint venture partnership creates an expanded transatlantic route network, enhancing competition between the UK and North America and providing seamless onward connections. Book a flight to your dream American destination today.

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