London: 4 unique yoga classes in the capital

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February 4, 2019

Sky high, rainbow-hued or canine-friendly: the yoga scene in London offers some brilliant ways to switch up your routine. We’ve tracked down some of the capital’s quirkiest classes, whether you’re a Londoner looking for an offbeat alternative or a visitor hoping to soak up the local vibe.


After becoming frustrated with what she saw as a lack of experimentation in most fitness classes, former dancer Nina Ryner was moved to create something new. The result was ChromaYoga – a colourful, fully immersive yoga experience that draws inspiration from interactive art installations. Classes combine colour and light therapy techniques with a specially composed soundtrack and bespoke natural scents to provide a multi-sensory, seratonin-boosting tonic during these dull winter months.

Where: 45 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3PD
More info: ChromaYoga

Boxing Yoga

Boxing Yoga

BoxingYoga began in a boxing club as a way for boxers to improve their flexibility, core strength and overall power, but soon developed into a nationwide fitness sensation. The classes eschew the more traditional aspects of yoga – chanting, Sanskrit terminology – in favour of a more intense and focused approach using boxing techniques to drastically improve participants’ flexibility, stamina and alignment.

Where: North London
More info: BoxingYoga

Yoga in the Walkways at Tower Bridge

Head for heights? At 42 metres above the River Thames, this vinyasa flow class on Tower Bridge’s glass walkway is a great opportunity for time-pressed tourists to combine their yoga routine with a spot of sightseeing. All abilities are catered for, and there’s a mirror installed above so you can check out your moves while watching the traffic and pedestrians below.

Where: Tower Bridge
More info: Yoga in the Walkways



Here’s a fun way to practise your downward dog – take your actual dog to yoga with you. Doga is a human yoga class where you can help to create a sense of calm for your pet, so it’s especially good for doggos with anxiety or separation issues. The sessions include massage and breathing work that help combat stress in both you and your canine, helping to lower the heart rate, decrease high blood pressure and build an ever closer bond between you and your four-legged friend. Best of all, you don’t even need your own dog to take part – just come along and hang out with someone else’s.

Where: The Courtyard Theatre, Shoreditch
More info: Dogamahny

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