Meet the Locals in these Must-See Tokyo Videos

By: Katie Manning

January 14, 2013


Life in this sprawling metropolis moves at quite a pace with new restaurants and bars opening up on a daily basis across the city. People work and play hard here meaning there’s always something exciting to sink your teeth into. Take a trip around town and meet some of the locals with our five favourite Tokyo videos. 

“Cherry Blossoms at Hamarikyu Gardens” by darwinfish105

This beautifully shot video focuses on that most Japanese of flowers – the cherry blossom. We love looking at the different types of blossom on show at Tokyo’s Hamarikyu Gardens in this atmospheric film.

“Tokyo Slo-Mode” by Alex Lee & Kyle Wightman (BRTHR)

We love this fast-paced film of Tokyo by Alex Lee & Kyle Wightman, not only because of its fantastic selection of city scenery but also because of its super stylish special effects.

“Tokyo” by Lukas Backland

Lukas Backland’s film of Tokyo is a particular favourite because of the range of local characters included in the edit. Everyone from street musicians to young fashionistas and even lowly commuters get their moment in the spotlight.

“Tokyo” by dscreativ

With its wonderful selection of everyday imagery, this time-lapse video provides a fantastic window into life this dynamic city. We especially like the scenes of businessmen winding down after a long day at gambling arcades and slot machines.

“Tokyo II” by Pierrick ROMEUF

This personal account of a week in Tokyo offers up some great scenes of the local restaurant and bar scene including everything from street food to sushi and karaoke clubs.


Katie Manning

Katie is an author for the Virgin Atlantic blog. Despite her urban London residency, Katie can often be found exploring far-flung corners of the globe in search of exciting new experiences and stories. A self-confessed night-owl, she makes it her mission to search out the best cocktail bars and live music venues on each and every expedition. Follow Katie @kt_saramanning

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