Mexican Movies: A snapshot of Cancun

By: Katie Manning

January 10, 2013

Cancun makes such a beautiful, yet starkly contrasting subject for filmmakers. Shots of Mayan monuments follow footage of the craziest and most extravagant parties, and extraordinary wildlife precedes friends playing on the beaches. These are among our favourite Cancun videos are all a testament to the many sides of this exciting city, we hope you enjoy”¦

“Cancun” by Nathaniel |Ober

This video captures the sights of the city, including the world famous Chichen Itza, highlighting its sun, sand and majestic culture. And we love the rousing music of a Mariachi band that serves as its soundtrack.

“The Fastest In The Ocean” by

Shot off the coast of Cancun near the Isla Mujeres, shoals of fish are captured in this underwater scuba-diving video where their darting movements are nicely exaggerated and dramatised by the techno music.

“Cancun” by Jason Hill

We love how vibrant Cancun seems in this video by Jason Hill. Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Ek-Ballam are captured as well as the extraordinary creatures that inhabit them.

“Cancun 2012” by Graham Dunk

Crazy parties, frolicking on the beach, neon and flying trapezes – it’s our kind of town. They’re all captured in this “˜lad’s holiday’ video – and as you might expect, there’s not a monument in sight”¦

“Cancun Trip” by Abraham Villela

The way this video of Cancun by Abraham Villela has a real journeying feel to it is one of our favourite aspects, and the unusual sights he captures (we love the flamingos of Xcaret!) make it one of our favourite videos about the city.


Katie Manning

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