Miami Popspots: Celebrating Miami’s Rich Cultural Identity

By: Virgin Atlantic

June 24, 2014

We all know how big a role pop culture plays in defining a city’s image, and few places have featured as heavily in music, TV and film through the years as Miami. To celebrate its vast cultural identity, we’ve partnered with Popspots to help recreate some of the best known on-screen moments which have taken place in and around the city.

Created by Bob Egan, Popspots focuses on the locations of where some of pop culture’s most famous events took place. From movie scenes to elusive album cover shots, Bob uses simple equipment to capture the exact location where a photo or film clip was shot. He then overlays the old photo onto the new to create one time-traversing image.

Simon&Garfunkel Dylan Popspots.png

Credit: Columbia/Sony

Miami Culture – Popspots goes south

With most of his Popspots being snapped in New York, Bob is now searching further afield to recreate more memorable moments from music and movie history. Travelling south to sunny Miami, Bob has created a number of new images based on this pop-culture hot spot. The city’s reputation for sunshine, money and glamour means it has long been a favoured location for film, music and TV productions.

Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard Album

Eric Clapton Miami Popspots.png

Credit: Polydor Group

This house, located in the town of Golden Beach near Miami, featured on Eric Clapton’s ‘461 Ocean Boulevard’ album cover, where Clapton lived while making the record. The upscale community of Golden Beach is a prestigious locale where most of the houses are worth well over a million dollars. From north to south, the town is only a mile long and plays host to several celebrities, including Bill Gates and Ricky Martin.

Explore this Miami PopSpot for yourself.


Scarface Miami Popspots.png

Credit: Universal Pictures

Al Pacino, aka Tony Montana, features here in some key scenes from the 1983 gangster film, shot on the palm-fringed boulevard known as Ocean Drive and MacArthur Causeway, Miami Beach. The latter is the gateway to the exclusive Palm Island neighbourhood, home to a host of famous residents and vast, sprawling properties. The movie was shot at a variety of locations in and around Miami, including the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach – one of the city’s most recognised hotels.

Explore these Miami PopSpots for yourself.

Will Smith – Miami music video

Will Smith Miami Popspots.png

Credit: Sony BMG

Ocean Drive also featured in Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ music video back in 1998, which paid tribute to Miami’s party scene. Ocean Drive has featured in countless movies and music videos and is famous for its Art Deco buildings, mansions and hotels – such as The Tides which features in the background of this shot.

Explore this Miami PopSpot for yourself.

Ace Ventura movie scene

Ace Ventura Miami Popspots.png

Credit: Morgan Creek Productions

Everyone’s favourite Pet Detective rolls up outside his apartment on Washington Avenue, which forms part of South Beach – an area renowned for its trendy bars, clubs and vibrant street life. Ace Ventura was a hit comedy movie back in the 90s, and although the trees have grown, his apartment complex remains unchanged.

Explore this Miami PopSpot for yourself.

Miami Vice

Miami Vice Miami Popspot.png

Credit: Michael Mann Productions

Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas enjoyed enormous success with the crime drama series back in the 80s. Here you see the pair in front of the impressive Miami Skyline, one of the many key features of this diverse and fascinating city.

Explore this Miami PopSpot for yourself.

Discover your own Miami Popspots

Searching for old TV, movie and music video locations can be a fascinating way of discovering a city. In addition to the ones highlighted here, Miami is full of well-known hot-spots. From the hit TV show Dexter to blockbuster movies such as Bad Boys and The Bodyguard, there’s no shortage of locations to track down. So load up Street View, bring your camera and prepare to re-create some imagery of your own.

Header photo of Miami’s skyline © Francis Ledoux

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