Movies from a New York State of Mind

By: Katie Manning

January 9, 2013

New York “˜s many faces never fail to surprise and amaze us. A city of fashionistas and cab drivers, artists and Wall Street traders, its doors are open to everyone and wherever you find yourself in the Melting Pot you can be sure there will be someone trying to capture their story through the medium of film. These are some of our favourite videos of New York.


“Influencers” by R+I creative

One trend is born every minute in New York, from fashion to music, technology to art. We learned a lot from trailer for a short documentary on some of the major “˜influencers’ that are springing from New York City”¦

“The Beat of New York” by Tim Hahne

With the music of a street performer as the backing track, Thomas Nösner, Tim Hahne and Toussaint capture the authentic hustle and bustle of daily New York life, but more importantly, the very people that keep it running.

“A Year in New York” by Andrew Clancy

Filmmaker Andrew Clancy documents his New York City year and, as well as capturing the relentless drive that moves this city from day to day, seeks out the individuals that manage to create a sense of community in a place “˜so large and diverse’.

“Boys & Girls of New York Fashion Week” by Justin Wu

In an industry that rarely smiles or makes fun of itself, Justin Wu manages, with a simple song, to accomplish both in the barricades of Model-Land. Fun and fashion never made a better pair!

“Doin’ it in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball” by Doin’ It In The Park

Widely known as the “˜Mecca’ of Basketball, New York City is home to over 700 outdoor courts. This video gives a peek into what is not just a sport, but a way of life for over 500,000 pick-up players across the city.


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