Must-See Montego Bay Videos

By: Katie Manning

January 11, 2013

Montego Bay really is a filmmaker’s dream. Not only does it have the most breathtaking terrain, with waterfalls and those white sandy Caribbean beaches, but also its people are extraordinarily outgoing and happy to engage with those of us who flock there. Each of these videos captures a distinctive side to the island, whether its famous musical history or simply the Jamaican sense of humour.

“Jamaica – Montego Bay” by Wes Mason

Wes Mason documents his trip to Montego Bay in this rousing video that includes some of our favourites from among Jamaica’s fabulous beaches, chilled out locals and plenty of musicians. We think it’s a perfect ode to vibe of this vibrant island.

“JAMAIKA | MONTEGO BAY” by Hakan Gulgonul

This saturated journey around the sights of Jamaica, from its striking waterfalls to the Bob Marley mausoleum just oozes Jamaican spirit. We love the interactions with the locals as well as the brilliant cover of “˜Three Little Birds (Every Little Thing)”.

“Montego Bay” by Brett Kotheimer

Although Jamaica doesn’t have a reputation as a diving hotspot, this video by Brett Kotheimer shows two days’ worth of exploring its coral reefs – and with great success. We love the shots of the Spanish Anchor and the feeding of the fish sequence.

“Neelu & Rup – Montego Bay, Jamaica” by redmuse

We really adore this wedding video with its beautiful close up shots of Jamaica and the vibrant colours of the Hindu ceremony. Keep your ears open for the hilarious tour guide at 1.50mins in.

“In the Streets-Montego Bay” by Laura McDonald

A microphone is given to the people on the streets of Montego Bay and they give us their reasons why they’re proud of their fifty years of Independence. A perfect way to capture the spirit of the island and its residents.

Katie Manning

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