Must-See Short Films: The Best of Barbados

By: Katie Manning

January 11, 2013

Barbados is a beautiful Caribbean destination with amazing outdoor delights to revel in. Everytime we go, we’re always pining for our next trip back. We hope these, our favourite Barbados videos, tide us over and provide you some fabulous inspiration for this beautiful place.


Surfing is incredibly popular in Barbados and this holidaymaker has captured some great footage of the sport by attaching the camera to his board. Keep a look out for the beautiful shots of the island’s ponies too.


This video by Davis Heron simultaneously shows both the beauty and the fun that Barbados has to offer Bridgetown, the capital, is also beautifully captured along with the majestic sea turtles – and we can’t help but smile at the repeating bikini bum shot!

Caribbean Vacation

Professional surfers take on the waves of the Barbados in this video, interspersed with some gorgeously saturated footage of the island. It’s not hard to see why Barbados is such a popular destination for this sport after watching this.


A fantastic selection of island and surfing shots by Alex Spiers, this video gives us a little taster of what life can be like in Barbados and is set to a great soundtrack.

Barbados Food, Wine & Rum Festival

The annual festival in November that celebrates Bajan cuisine, their wine and of course, their rum is a lively affair and this video gives us just a sneak peek at it’s proceedings – as well as an indication of how fun Barbados parties can be.


Katie Manning

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