Our Favourite St Lucia Videos

By: Katie Manning

January 11, 2013

Not only does St Lucia have everything we’ve come to love and expect from a Caribbean island (sun, sea, sand), it’s also packed with things to do other than sunbathe. These filmmakers have captured what we think are the very best sides of this paradise island, from its majestic forests to the dancing St Lucians.

ST LUCIA” by gonzalo fernandez moya

Gonzalo Fernández Moya’s video of St Lucia has a dream-like feel to it, and we love the way his images perfectly complement the sunning vistas, forests, mountains and beaches of the island. We love the sunset shot at 1.35 especially.

Up in the hills (gopro/quad)” by bugeyefilms

This video, filmed in and around Anse La Raye takes us on a wonderful journey through the rocky ravines and riverbeds that run through the forest of St Lucia, finishing in the sea. The two men he follows inject a burst of life into the island that leaves us wishing we could stand under that waterfall too!

St Lucia” by Jackson Faddis

St Lucia is always a popular location for couples on honeymoon, and this video captures one of those couples’ trip. It’s quiet, relaxed and filled with beautiful shots of the island’s many wonderful features – the water splashing around their boat is one of our favourites.

St Lucia” by Patryk Drozd

This video of St Lucia captures the people who made this couple’s trip to the island special. Full of life and energy, we love the carnival scenes and also the peek of what driving along the winding roads is like!

“St Lucia” by Steve Scott

To the soundtrack of some classic Bob Marley and then Jack Johnson, we experience St Lucia’s wonderful water activities, from kayaking and swimming to boating and snorkelling. This video also proves that St Lucia is great for children, too!


Katie Manning

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