Our Must-See Havana Videos

By: Katie Manning

January 9, 2013

It seems Havana’s visitors cannot get enough of capturing the classic cars that sprawl across the city and the crumbling walls of Old Havana, and who can blame them? Most of all, however, filmmakers pick up on the unique faces and lives of those that inhabit the city, from the children playing in the harbour to the pianists playing on the streets, as well as the obligatory reference to Club Havana rum of course!

“Havana Vieja” by Van Royko

The Old Town of Havana, or “Old Havana” as it’s more usually called, contains the core of the original city founded by the Spanish in 1519. We love the way this video sensitively captures its mood and atmosphere, as well as the people who reside there.

“Cuba and the Night” by Citygate Films

Set to excerpts from the poem, “Two Homelands” by the famous Cuban poet José Martín, this short but extremely moving video showcases modern Cuba, set in Havana and Matanzas.

“Fragments of Havana” by Aram Vidal

In a sun-kissed and saturated film, Erick Coll and Aram Vidal take us through “fragments” of Havana, each capturing an aspect or mood of the city, some lively and upbeat, while others are more stoical and reflective.

“Bodeguita del Medio, Havana, Cuba” by Ronn Ballantyne 

Havana is famous for its Havana Club rum, and this video captures the making of one of our favourite rum drinks – a classic Mojito – by the bartender at the world-famous Bodeguita del Medio. Even though he is somewhat distracted by a pretty woman outside, he still performs the task with the nonchalance of a local!

“A Taste of Havana” by Adam Zivo

Set to a lively and infectious beat that matches the city it captures, Adam Zivo shows Havana’s playful and artistic side in this short vignette, from its dancing children, to its musicians and street performers.


Katie Manning

Katie is an author for the Virgin Atlantic blog. Despite her urban London residency, Katie can often be found exploring far-flung corners of the globe in search of exciting new experiences and stories. A self-confessed night-owl, she makes it her mission to search out the best cocktail bars and live music venues on each and every expedition. Follow Katie @kt_saramanning

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