Our new Brazilian codeshare partner GOL airlines

By: Dave Gunner

October 7, 2019

To say we’re excited about flying to Sao Paulo is a bit of an understatement. It’s a new city, a new country and a new continent for us, and we can’t wait to discover the culture, the food and of course the people of this fascinating country.

Brazil is huge, and with so much to see and do we we’re going to need a partner airline to help you get about. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a codeshare with GOL, the Brazilian airline. The arrangement allows you to seamlessly connect from our flight onto 37 destinations in Brazil.

About GOL

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes is the largest airline in Brazil, flying over 33 million customers per year. They’ve been in operation since 2001 and are the fastest growing carrier in the country. GOL fly over 750 daily flights to 76 destinations in Brazil, South America, the Caribbean and the United States, with a fleet of modern aircraft. In 18 years of history, the airline, whose motto is ‘First for All’, has played a key role in the democratisation of air transport in Brazil. It also has a reputation for continuously investing in products, services, and customer service to deliver the best travel experience, with four different economy classes on their domestic flights. Most aircraft have leather seats, mood lighting and in-seat power –– this, and their safety record and record of on time departure has led them to achieve recognition and awards from various organizations, such as Brazilian’s ANAC (the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil), consumer advocate website Reclame Aqui, and the Brazilian Forum of Relationship with the Customer.

They also maintain strategic alliances with Delta Air Lines, Air France, and KLM, besides offering customers 12 codeshare and 80-plus interline agreements, bringing more convenience and ease in connections to any place served by these partnerships.

GOL is a brilliant airline with a pioneering spirit. Right up our street. We’re so pleased to be working with them and know you’re going to love them too.

Here’s a taster of just 10 of those 37 destinations you can fly to:

Image of Brasilia taken by the NASA Earth Observatory

Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and a city shaped like an aircraft! Definitely one for fans of modernist architecture. Brasilia was built in the 1960s and has been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site for the city layout and innovative design of many of its buildings.

There’s plenty of history and culture to enjoy in Belo Horizonte as well as the famous Mineirão Stadium and the Brazilian Football Museum. As the capital of southeastern Brazil’s Minas Gerais state, it’s also a great base to explore this fascinating region with great transport connections.

Curitiba is a sophisticated city with many worthwhile sights and open spaces. Home to one of our favourite features, an observation tower, it owes its name to the Paraná pinecones, which were called kur-ity-ba by the native Guaranis.

Florianópolis, in the state of Santa Catarinais is a city that includes Santa Catarina Island, has 60 beaches and is a popular holiday and surfing destination. It’s one of the most visited cities in Brazil, surrounded by mountains and forest with spectacular waterfalls.

Goiânia was founded in 1933 and is best known as a market centre for the surrounding agricultural region, which specializes in beef and soybeans.

Porto Alegre is the southernmost destination on our GOL codeshare map and is a cosmopolitan city famed for its music, creative scene and museums. It’s set on the Guaiba river, where a nightly sunset celebration takes place on the waterfront.

Manaus. This fascinating city is located at the point where the mighty Rio Negro and Amazon rivers join. It’s the stepping stone to the amazon and all its spectacular adventures and wildlife spotting. Also home to a world famous opera house.

The Manaus opera house with the river in the background

Recife is on the Atlantic coast, and at only two metres above sea level is known as the Venice of Brazil for its many canals, rivers and islands. With a tropical climate, Recife is also famous for its beaches, history, Carnival, arts and cuisine.

Vitória, the compact capital of Espírito Santo, is famous for its parks, forests and beaches, as well as year round cultural events.

And of course, Rio de Janeiro!

Other code share destinations are Aracaju, Belem, Campo Grande, Campina Grande, Caxias do Sul, Chapeco, Cruz, Cuiaba, Fortaleza, Goiânia, Foz do Iguacu, Juazeiro Do Norte, Joao Pessoa, Londrina, Maceio, Maringa, Montes Claros, Natal, Navegantes, Petrolina, Porto Seguro, Porto Velho, Rio de Janeiro-Santos, Sao Luiz, Teresina, Uberlandia and Vitória da Conquista.

We have big plans with GOL, and are looking to expand our codeshare agreement further in the near future, with the addition of flights to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, as well as a reciprocal frequent flyer programme expected soon. Our flights to Sao Paulo take off on the 29 March 2020 using a Boeing 787-9. Book your tickets to our latest destination and one of the most exciting places in the world, on our website now.


Dave Gunner

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