Our Strangest In-Flight Customer Requests

By: andrewbowman

February 1, 2011

Following a recent survey of over 3,000 of our cabin crew, we’ve compiled a selection of the strangest, most unusual requests received over the years. Topping the poll for popularity are “Please can you open the window?” and “Can you show me to the showers?” but the survey also revealed a few, what can we say, unique examples…


Please can I book a massage for my Barbie doll?

“On one Los Angeles to London flight, a lady booked herself into Upper Class. She was wearing a tiny pink crop top and mint green mini skirt. What’s so funny about that? Well, she had also booked the seat next to her for her Barbie doll, which was wearing the same outfit as her and was sitting upright in the seat with its seat belt on. The lady then requested a cup of tea and a massage for the doll”¦” – Ali



Can you take my children to the playroom?

“On a busy Orlando flight full of families, a woman popped her head around the curtain and asked me when I was going to take her children into the play room or nursery so she could have a drink and relax, I gave her a puzzled look but replied to her that we didn’t have an onboard playroom. Though it actually wouldn’t be a bad idea.” – Gemma



Please can you stop the turbulence, Captain?

“On a flight from New York a passenger pushed her call bell during a sustained period of mild turbulence and asked “Is there anything you or the captain can do about this turbulence?” I smiled and said that the North Atlantic Jet Stream can cause turbulence but it should be over soon.” – Jay



Please could you fix my hair?

“An extremely famous female celebrity pressed her call bell and asked a crew member “Could you fix my hair please?”  – a little bemused, the crew member agreed and headed back to the galley to ask for assistance. He returned to the passenger armed with an array of hairdressing equipment whereupon she roared with laughter and explained, saying “Could you fix the AIR!” pointing overhead. He quickly turned on the air vent and sheepishly crept back to the galley.”  – Pippa



Please can you help me find my glass eye?

“On a flight to Nairobi I was approached by a passenger rubbing his left eye socket. He told me he had been asleep and when he awoke he noticed that he’d lost his eye!  It was no joke and despite my initial reaction of mild shock, I went to his seat and began looking. I was on all fours searching around feet, shoes and bags and in the end other crew members and passengers began to help us. Sadly, we were unable to find it and the gentleman in question went home eyeless and clueless as to where it had got to.” – James



Is there a McDonald’s onboard?

“I was once serving dinner on a transatlantic flight and was offering a family their meals. The mother turned to me and said her children would prefer McDonald’s so could I please get them a Big Mac and fries. I explained that we didn’t have fast food onboard and could only offer a children’s meal.” – Lucy



Could you turn the engines off?

“An elderly gentleman who couldn’t sleep in Upper Class first asked for a sleeping pill. When I explained we didn’t have these on board he then asked if the captain could turn the noise down. When I asked what noise he meant, he replied “The noise out there!” “Do you mean the engine?” I asked. “Yes, yes the engine!” I was speechless at first and in the end just replied “We can’t do that Sir, we need the engine to stay airborne…- – Maria


Have you ever overheard an unusual request at 35,000 feet? Share your strange tales with us in the comments section below.

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