vtravelled Playlist: Havana Nights

Every bit as important as your toothbrush and sunscreen, music is an essential travel accessory for many of us, so don’t forget to pack your soundtrack! We’re pleased to introduce our new post, bringing you suggested playlists for our destinations and all kinds of situations.  … Continue reading
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vtravelled Loves: Clift, San Francisco

From the non-stop tumult of breezy Geary Street, there’s no indication of the whimsical surrealism that lies beyond the entrance to San Francisco’s Clift hotel. Ushered through the glass doors by a couple of smiling, low-key doormen, we find ourselves standing in the capacious lobby, … Continue reading

The Flying Barman: Marc Plumridge

For the last six years, Virgin Atlantic & Bacardi’s Global Ambassador Marc Plumridge has been performing his role magnificently as the airline’s official mixologist or ‘flying barman’ and can regularly be found making magic and enjoying a bit of banter with our Upper Class passengers. … Continue reading